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Topic subjectfemale genital mutilation
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11221, female genital mutilation
Posted by guerilla_love, Tue Oct-09-01 01:29 PM
i have a somalian friend who saw a ms magazine lying on my couch a few years ago and noticed an article abt female genital mutilation. he blew up, saying that the amt of respect for women in this country is pitiful- at least somalians respect, love, and appreciate the women in their country

ya can't judge cultural practices from the outside

i also have a friend from afghanistan. much of her family already fled to pakistan months ago. she lost some family because of taliban rules that didn't work well for them, and is very upset abt the taliban gov't

but even she isn't jumping up and down shouting bomb those afghan devils

mass bombing, side- taking, starting a bloody as hell war, using rations as propoganda, ..... so much of what we're doing is just plain wrong and just plain intrusive, no matter who we're doing it to

at some point i wd hope we wd realize that our hands are not welcome meddlers in the middle east, and we really need to get the fk out


I'd draw yuh bath
like Picasso..

pick you,
like fruit
off yuh family tree. &
eatcha' honeydew ass,


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unless i wanted you to think i was something that i'm not" (c) 2ndsurvivor

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