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Posted by guest, Wed Oct-10-01 09:32 AM
well you see that is the problem with America and the European history... they clearly want you to see what they want you to see... they want you to believe that those who call themselves Jews are the real Jews, the ones in the Bible, they clearly want you to believe that black men are responsible for drugs and putting them in jail will decrease murder, carjackings, and violent crimes of any kind, they want you to believe that destroying the Native Americans was for the benefit of having America in the first place. Ignorant people will always say, well someone has to lose... but the thing is God made us all, right Christians? So how is it that they are the one's placing judgement? Doesn't make sense right... of course not... they will have you believe whatever they want you to believe... Bush is a dictator... example, they are pulling the Boondocks in certain papers around the country, but why? Isn't it un-American to stop someone from truly expressing themselves? Isn't it un-American to make everyone feel they have to have the same opinion? Isn't it funny how all the information on Osama Bin Laden now surfaces, however, through all the info on Afghanistan and Laden... none of the actual hard proof and evidence has ever once been given?