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Topic subjectnothing you're saying is backed up by any facts or stats...
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96251, nothing you're saying is backed up by any facts or stats...
Posted by Warren Coolidge, Fri Dec-21-12 04:05 PM
>>overall fantasy QB this season..... Over the last 6 or 7
>>he at least tied or outscored Aaron Rodgers 4 times...
>>he'll easily be a top 5 fantasy QB for the next few years
>>Green, Sanu, Hawkins, Gresham and solid running game and
>>I start Rodgers I still would have lost.... Dalton was the
>>right play and would do it again...every fantasy outlet had
>>him outscoring rodgers last week..so you coming in here
>>like you know what you're talking about only makes you look
>>more a fool..
>Here's the thing. Andy Dalton's BEST GAME is an average Aaron
>Rodgers day. Rodgers, meanwhile, has the potential to have
>the top score of the week every week.

he outscored Rodgers SEVERAL times during the season. He was the 6th overall fantasy QB up to last week.

I mean surely there are people who play guys based strictly upon where they draft them..

but the strategy I utilize has pretty much gotten me in the post season in every league I'm in...every year....and has won me plenty of titles.

No fantasy football entity had rodges outscoring Dalton last week. None. Nobody.....