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93845, and the reason is
Posted by will_5198, Fri Jan-20-12 11:37 AM
it's irrevocable. LeBron can still win a title, or six. Kobe was a W, then a L, then a W. everybody's team loses at one point, and even bad franchises have championship seasons.

but nothing will change what happened in that NFC Championship game. it was absurd for Expertise to suggest Ricky Manning Jr. would get two picks in the first place -- he was a rookie, and only had two the entire season. but baseless claims are thrown around all the time here, the only difference being the level of Bomb's outright indignation. he bet his log-in on it. he said he'd run down the Philly streets naked if Ricky Manning ended his team's season. it was as safe a bet as you could seemingly make, to think Ricky Manning Jr. would not make two, nevermind three interceptions.