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Topic subject^^^ one of the biggest Ws in OKS history.
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93815, ^^^ one of the biggest Ws in OKS history.
Posted by Guinness, Thu Jan-19-12 04:30 PM
a knee-jerk, joke post that ended up being prescient and defendable. and i always said the team would be better off with billups, jr getting real minute, a healthy nene and birdman, so their playoff success was meaningless.

melo with GOAT in 07/08: 25.6 ppg, 49%, eFG% .511 (career high), 7.4 rebs, off rating 109, WS48 .140
melo without GOAT in 08/09: 22.8 ppg, 44%, eFG% .469, 6.8 rebs, off rating 105, WS48 .105