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Topic subjectRE: Have We Ever Discussed The Biggest L Ever Taken in OKS?
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93788, RE: Have We Ever Discussed The Biggest L Ever Taken in OKS?
Posted by Beamer6178, Thu Jan-19-12 03:18 PM
>I think we can all agree that All Stah's Tiger Woods being
>done is probably the biggest W,that or Bron in the Finals last
>year,but is there a consensus biggest L ever had?
All Stah didn't W, that's revisionist history

>Would it be the collective Aaron Brooks/Jake Plummer L?
not memorable enough

>All Stah's OJ Mayo/Derrick Rose L?
>Shelly's Phillies 2011 L?
not a huge baseball head, maybe, but that was a good yankees team and a-rod was getting that kate hudson gush gush...

>Kobe getting 5?
this would be my top, since the hate was unparalleled

>Patriots going 18-1?
except for zeno and lach, who was riding so hard for the pats? unless you mean the predictions were overwhelmingly for them on here?

Probably not enough global concern, but if Alex Smith were to win a superbowl, it could fracture multiple vaginas...

here's the thing though, LeBron not winning was a GINORMOUS L for southbeachman and guinness, but a W for a lot of others. so depending on which side the person is on, it could be an L or a W.