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Topic subjectA little bit about how Eric helped me out IMMENSELY
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87650, A little bit about how Eric helped me out IMMENSELY
Posted by guru0509, Tue Dec-11-12 06:34 PM
I've told a few people this already, but I cant stress it enough..

I was excited, but scared as hell about attending TOSU (3.5 hours from home) and I had heard nightmares of people having to spend 5+ years to finish one degree, let alone a double major like mine

I must have peppered him with about 1000000 questions ranging from classes,dorm questions, where buy used books, used car, transportation, food (vegetarian/Indian restaurants), professors, you name it...

he never once got sick of me and replied to every question of mine in detail

Eric and I fought many battles (along with other Buckeye fans) in OKSports, on behalf of The Ohio State University from the moment Jim Tressel was hired, to the magical championship run, and all the thrashings we handed out along the way to michigan...and he defended me many times whether I was right or wrong, because it was us against THEM...a true comrade.

We also shared a common interest in the Beastie Boys, and other Okay Artists, and I'm grateful to God that those interests brought us together and led me to "meet" a caring and self-less person like Eric aka radin (along with many other people in this special community of ours)

The news hit me like a Mack truck and I've never even met him. I'm still having difficulty processing it so I can only imagine what you guys have been going through.

I'm incredibly sorry for your loss, and your family will be in my prayers.

Once A Buckeye, Always A Buckeye

This PERFECT season will always be dedicated in my memory to Eric, aka radin


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