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Topic subjectI don't delete any of my inboxes:
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87643, I don't delete any of my inboxes:
Posted by auragin_boi, Tue Dec-11-12 01:20 PM
RE: yo, chilltown bro....you there?
From: radin
Date: Feb 22nd 2007
I appreciate but I'm not going to take your money and I do hope it ends up being yours over most others.

It's just not fun anymore like it was. I credit you for all you did to keep it moving but the Vets fizzled. The best Shawn and Boogs could do to keep the league entertaining was pull that shady move at my expense. All the while I have inboxes of Boogs trying to get AI for the longest time (I mean it's even in the thread) I just feel robbed because I was giving up a franchise player already in Ray Allen but the co-commissioner didn't even have to do that when he traded Barbosa for arguably the best player in the NBA. Nobody was asking him to give up TMac or Gilbert.

No hard feelings but I think I just need to step back before I let a internet fantasy basketball league with people I don't even know get to me


I was thinking...and since you quit on us, you gave me the
>shot to get Camby. So I tell you what...If I win, I'll hit
>you back with a $25 reimbursement for your entry fee (the
>extra $6 was administrative so I ain't refunding that).
>But if I hit you back with this $25 if i win...you gotta
>promise me 2 things:
>1) You'll play next season.
>2) After the season is over, you help me come up with a 'fair'
>formula for trading that we can use next year.
>In all honesty, I don't think things should have gotten this
>far and in hindsight we should have been proactive on trade
>In any event, we can't lose you fam. Hell, me, you, shawn,
>hikwelity, boogs, magilla and matinho basically MAKE this
>league. Celery, LABeat and KC have been good additions too.
>And I STILL think had you made the edited deal you would have
>more than likely won the whole damn thing.
>Who was fucking with:
>With two bench players this team would put up 270-280 easily
>most nights. And considering you were getting good numbers
>before the trade...I would have picked you as the favorite.
>But in any case, let me know.