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Topic subjectMy contribution to the GD post
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87642, My contribution to the GD post
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Dec-11-12 11:28 AM
This mustve been somewhere between 04-06 or so. He was in a fantasy basketball league I started called Survivor. Radin was a committed member of the league (he was active, and always talked some good shit). Because we were in the league together, we mustve exchanged IMs for trading purposes and ended up chatting via IM from time to time. Nothing too serious, just passing time at work. He told me about his friend in Cleveland who installed enterainment systems for a lot of teh athletes, and how that friend was trying to get him involved. We sometimes talked about tOSU or other sports. He was a good guy,

Anyhow, one day in the survivor league, as commissioner I made a decision he didnt agree with. He was pissed and after a couple of exchanges decided to just leave the league in the middle of the season.

I think we were all a little mad at him, but at the end of the day I respected his decision. Unlike most times Ive had that situation comeup in a number of leaves. People whine, snivel, argue, complain. Radin said his piece, the decision was not change, so he left and never looked back. Didnt talk anymore shit about us, didnt bother us, didnt whine. It takes a special kind of stubbornness that I respect, for him to do that.

He always seemed like a social guy who had a nice network..especially in Cle and Ohio. Saw he had moved away from Ohio and always wondered about that.

I hope your family the best...