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Topic subjectRADIN (a message from his sister)...
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87640, RADIN (a message from his sister)...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Tue Dec-11-12 11:14 AM
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I posted this in an old thread Radin originally created, but I'm also starting a new thread in case that one gets lossed.

I wanted to post something on behalf of Radinís family. I know he used to post on this message board a lot and met a lot of people through Okay Player. Radin was my brother, and I considered him a best friend. He had so much going for him in life, but unfortunately didnít see that. He took his life on Monday, Nov 19th, less than one week after my grandma passed.

Radin had so many friends across the country, and he made an impact on all of his friends in some way. He was such a hip hop fan. He introduced my brother and I, along with many of his friends to different artists. The last time he saw my 3 year old niece in July, he was teaching her all about the Beastie Boys. He is going to be extremely missed by many.

I saw there was a thread in his honor for what has happened, and I enjoyed reading through it. I did read someone doubting that Joshua Radin is a cousin.. he is a second cousin of ours. For anyone else that had memories of Radin.. Iíd love to hear them.


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