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Posted by Lojik Banks, Thu Jan-01-09 03:21 AM
This is pure out of my element.. but in yet entertaining .. you feel me... I'am no gangsta or anything... So perceive me as one.. I'm just me and taking all parts of the craft iight.. God Bless.


I proceed with the 'movement' of a church man - Every
now and then along that road - I had to 'prove-bent'
men that I mean 'bizness' -
I still demolish illest rappers -
But devour low class 'first-man' -
My cards were dealt & the pain - along with the odds
were felt -
You don't have a full deck - Because the last nicka I
had to 'disrepect' -
I tossed his brains in the air - Like 52 card pick-up
I don't care where you 'image-at' - But if you want to
'sentence-that' -
I'll murder that will needles in a 'instant jack' -
Need-less to say -
this 'day in age' If you have a catchy 'phrase' - and
your bandwagon'll 'gain weigh't -
Something like I'm fresh - Like 'Gain' is covered over
me from head to 'waist' -
Fuck that I'mma speak - what you don't wanna 'hear' -
Preach what you 'normally fear' -
That shit that makes you - Not 'wanna be here' -
Let's 'be clear' my rank has nothing - To do with be
less skillful - But over 'ghosts' that tare 'through'
- Its 'rare' on this site - you'll find a nicka - That
actually wins from lyrics - That make 'sense' -
Nowadays if you don't make 'cents' - then you don't
make 'dollars' -
So I'm not going to fuck witcha 'Holla' - But if you
'bother' -
I beat your ass like a 'father' - And lay your career -
To a permanent bed -
Snap that 'E-Thread' - With' free lead' from my
'mechanical pencil' -
You don't know what I 'been through' - Basically I'mma
Do Me & make a anthem -