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Topic subjecti've learned a lot on here
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19636, i've learned a lot on here
Posted by mindful, Sat Oct-18-08 11:20 PM
we are taken for granted. our words are therapy; those of us who use them for healing, for safety-nets, for help to move on into the future, we need them. it was never in my mind that i'd live to see several folks that i have|had become close to-with take or lose their lives. never in a million years would i have ever dreamed that up.

each of us brings something to this board no matter how often or seldom we appear... there is something to be taken with us once we log off. nik... was a fellow ga native; we'd chit chat about savannah or brunswick or tease each other about whom was going to make the first move to travel and meet up with the other. her pain, her suffering was something we all witnessed. i feel like i can't be here right now. like this post is needed, but... i don't think the tears will allow me to say anymore. to those of you who have lost loved ones, i wish you peace and wellness to come. to each of you on this board, continue to do what you do as an artist, a person, as a lover of word... especially if it brings you peace of mind and belief in self.



One day your life will flash
before your eyes. Make sure
its worth watching. ŠUnknown