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Topic subjectsorry for your loss.....
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19628, sorry for your loss.....
Posted by KnowOne, Wed Sep-10-08 09:48 AM
I cant imagine how painful that must have been. Maybe it wouldnt be a terrible idea to send it to her fam. I mean though a lot of the stuff is painful, maybe atleast it'll give them a few more answers & insight as to what she was going through. But Im also worried about re-opening a still healing wound.

>part of me that usta be open wide is now just a tiny pin hole
>of light. i think eventually, it'll come. but im not rushing
>it or pressing the issue.

Thats how I feel! Like writing was as natural as breathing at one time. And now it feels difficult & nearly impossible. But I need to follow your example and not press it. I keep trying to force it & that only frustrates me more. Thanks for your advice & kind words.

May the happy memories of your lost son sustain you & your's.