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Topic subjectRE: Lost at Least
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19620, RE: Lost at Least
Posted by MPistol, Wed Aug-27-08 10:13 AM
The cost of loss is as great as the life effected/
Sad end to what was, yet finality is perfected/
Art passes from vogue like fecal fashion in clothes/
The absence is lack in the know yet the inventors known to let go/
All seems new yet cyclical, the starving drip from the icicle/
Simple pleasure whatever never's never seen as so simple/
An yet it is as such, been cynical a bit much to failure/
But when too tough, there’s no touch too rough to even derail ya/
Mourn on the scorned that you held an informed in warm embraces/
Without the pictures could the memories hit you without the faces?/
We say it never fades, enjoy remembering the fave’s/
An obsessed with amazing phrases that discuss the dead as “saved”/
Sent to better places means to admit the physical flawed/
Yet the pitiful live on an all the prominent suffer falls/
Seems to be true and indeed it is but we feel this need to live/
Take care of what we create to make the creator the adjective/
An with the first commandment broken the coffins left wide open/
As if seeing him is seeing HIM an we begin again hoping/
“human” what an invention, the ascensions needless to mention/
An death remains inevitable, preoccupied with death prevention/
Be it mind body or spirit, we remind bodies to fear it/
An preach death and not life until nobody can hear it/
Envision a beast for some deceased, opinions on them decreased/
So when someone is “lost” it’s not a “loss”, ……..at least you found a peace