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Topic subjectya know,, me and 3rd i......
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19618, ya know,, me and 3rd i......
Posted by Decstar, Tue Aug-26-08 01:00 PM
was real close. she used to call me pizza man cuz i was a delivery driver for pizza hut. we would talk late at night all tha time. i first saw a problem when she was supposingly gettin married to this african guy. i wasnt sure if she was lyin or not becuz we always discussed about tha assholes in GA that she would hook up wit, but i was happy for her nonetheless. we kinda lost touch when my roommate and I got into fights and i was unable to stay in contact with her. but i knew if i had tha chance, we would click like we used to. i miss her alot becuz she was such a pure and essential writer. it wasnt like she did it like school work, but she did if from tha heart. and that's what counts when being a writer. i wouldnt say i was her best friend, but me and her had a connection.

has anybody else "left" since i've been gone?????