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Topic subjectThe Beautiful World (All Of Freestyle Colaboration)
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19617, The Beautiful World (All Of Freestyle Colaboration)
Posted by ThaAnthology, Thu Aug-21-08 08:10 AM
Hey ya'll... Can I tlk to you for a second...

Since I've been a member of this wild, weird and wonderful world called Okayplayer (especially Freestyle) it's been a great experience. I came to this place in 2001 and was embraced slowly but surely. I was fortunate enough to have befriended a lot of the vets here lol. Freestyle, we've chilled, chatted, wrote, co-wrote, collaborated, battled, cried, shared pain and love (which sometimes is packaged as both...)

So anyway, I've lost (we've lost) some cherished members to our family and almost lost another recently. This has caused some thought. And so, this thread will be for the fallen, fallen of spirit, hurt and/or hurting to share venting, venting pieces, painful work, aka the truth. We tend to bottle up our emotions so much that they seem overwhelming. Life is a bitch, but it's a beautiful bitch. Sometimes people need to talk. They need to get the bad shit out, without callousness, preconceived notions, snobbery etc...

So please, any one, everyone, add a piece to this thread. Expel the demons, share your pain. We will not judge you, but we'll listen.

**Convos, anecdotes and/or sharing stories is cool in this. Dialogue is what's up!