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Topic subjectTOPIC SUGGESTIONS: (you don't have to use these)
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19337, TOPIC SUGGESTIONS: (you don't have to use these)
Posted by Ezzsential, Sat Mar-31-07 10:37 PM
Here are some suggestions but you don't have to use them:

> actual prom experiences"

> "What we do for love"

1) The Sky's The Limit

2) Friendships/Relationships/Hardships/Penmanships

3) Getín My Party On

4) Split Personalities

5) Thank You For _________

6) Let The Rhythm Move You

7) Blindfold Love

8) First Impressions

9) I Got It Like That Ö

10) Empowered By _________

> "moods"

> "dreams"

> "your ideal mate"

> "gossip"

> "pain"

> "trials and tribulations"

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