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19309, msmind and Nowachaoticthing
Posted by mindful, Thu Apr-12-07 03:56 PM
Summertime Reminiscence and Wintertime Blues

her summer

I’m sitting Indian Style in my
mother’s porch swing,
watching Lisa an’em jump double dutch
with that red, white, and blue rope Ms. Sandra
done up and bought.
Charlie came skippin’ down the block
with his brand new trousers on, happy
to be out of school for the summer.
in my hand, there are four used-to-be
Lemon Heads. I toss the candies over
my shoulder and kick my legs up
to give myself an extra push. the breeze
kisses my lips, and I forget
that my afternoon chores have not
been done. my mother yells from
the second floor in her biggest voice,
“Get your narrow tail up here
and do these dishes.”
I race from my seat,
wipe the sticky lemon flavor from
the corners of my mouth with my tongue,
and hurry up the stairs.

his winter

I like dragging my big green boots in the snow
They make cool prints and I feel like an explorer
Only, I'm just goin over to antee Tina's house
She ain't my real antee though,
Momma make me call her that cause its polite
And momma said she raisin a gentlemen
I go every day after school,
Even when I don't want to
Momma don't like me home alone
But I do what I'm told
Cause mamma said Sharon’s sweet
Sharon is Tina’s daughter
She two years older, but a lot a years crazier
But she funny though, and real cool
Sometimes she try to teach me jacks
But mostly, she just like playin house
She showed me her panties and let me touch her butt
An I get on top of her, like I'm daddy and she mommy
But a lot of times, when I come over, she be cryin
I don't even ask why
I just hug her till she stop
Like when I hug momma

our seasons

momma means bizness when it
comes to chores. I spent the
rest of the evening washing dishes,
dusting furniture, and vacuuming until
the house was spit-shine clean. this is
the beginning to a very long summer.

I never knew why she cried so much
But her momma found out
An she sent her step-daddy far away
Then they moved far away soon after
I miss my friend and I sometimes cry
But I'm glad her long winter is over.


i ain't rockin' wit' you, your logic
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