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Topic subjectHere we go...
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19302, Here we go...
Posted by Mrs_Mallory, Wed Apr-11-07 12:32 PM
ThaAnthology & MM... like WHAT!

He's the new Queen's kid
walkin out the bus
He's across the school yard
at 12 o'clock

First bell rings,
I fan my girls to go on
fire'n up my foot mobile to him
trying to catch up

My eyes glaze over his
sweet russet skin
My raisins risin’
from my imagines
of me on top of him

us swimmin n divin
kissin limb 2 limb
a suga rush commencin’
I’m dateless and I'm feenin for him

“Please don't be taken!”
says my wishful thinkin

So I
lock up my nervous hiccups
cool breath mint up
as i gracefully step up

To him I pop the question…


Schoolyard springtime banter
between lifelong friends
who will probably lose contact after senior year

heart pauses deeply for effect
as affection
turns to she who be
golden Hip Hop drenched in bedazzling smile
My seventeen years becomes seventeen inches
as my warrior woman approaches Sin City

Patti LaBelle memories of older sister prom
slow tape
plays soundtracked steps
If Only You Knew How Much I Do...Do want to dance
with you until dancing is illegal
I want to hold your charisma close to mine
and breathe babies
with similar personalities

I want to touch every place I watch as you walk
closer and closer

I know I'm new to this school
but I am not new to you
as I've seen you naked many times over

and to be right would be wonderful

"Sup Ma. How you?"


“I’m fine…You’re Fahim right?” he responds Yes with a nod
“I’m Pele, so pleased that we’ve met...
I was wondering if you had a date for Prom, yet?"
Shyly his blushing cheeks moon me, telling me No
Shortly after he accepts my proposal with an ecstatic YES!

As we part ways, usually this is the time where
A girl’s supposed to go down the line in her mind
of dresses, nail presses and hair impressin, stressin’
Instead I’m rewindin and playin what I just witnessed

Oh me Oh my
Oh we Oh I
Oh he Oh High
So high
I feel when he greets me
To the sunrise
of his brown eyes

How can one deny?!

I buddy up with him for lunch
To talk background and such
I pass him a napkin,‘cause what happened,
Choked on his Coke as we went for broke
Laughing at each other’s jokes

Come to find out, he also tokes
So we conclude the day with 1 on 1 lesson
Of this teenage girl to young man session

Kissing each other’s smoke...


Thursday night Baskin and Robbins
Talking to friends I flashback
to after school kisses
hand holding
and "I have a date" speeches
floating effortlessly though fevered mindstates
waiting for Prom night
and the end
of what was given at birth
my dad called it childhood
(which he wants me to keep a little longer)
but golden caramel
drapes silkily from fingertips

I want to glide with her through slow jam high notes
spin her through waves of
passionate songbirds
whispering Someday is Tonight
as if Janet jumped from jukebox to real life
in one swift press of play

that day
is near
my heart pounds as I slang ice cream to customers
like crack to fiends

I long to stroke her vertebrae like a fender Rhodes
Serenading orgasms from lips to heaven

Well, after I pay for the Limo

"Two banana splits coming up"


Sunny brown eyes is on his way with the limo
Anxiously, I blink out my daydream of he
that holds captive of my every splashing fantasy
I cannot wait to dance with Fahim
till our feet become smithereens

Then in comes the paparazzi

Pa kisses my forehead
Ma’s snappin’ happy with her camera
With frequent pauses, sizing me up
Her eyes tellin’ me that
her mind is driving in reverse…
She’s cruising down
My early days in Memory Lane
From colorful and fresh petals
slowly closing up to an innocent bud, then shrinking
To a seed kicking up room in her womb

I pat the streams of running mascara
Off of Ma’s soft warm face
As she assists me with my custom tiara
Pa heads back downstairs to open the door
For my Knight in shining armor has promptly arrived

I pace my breaths like women in Lamas classes
dab my oil
grab his boutonničre
and hurriedly skip down the stairs

All sounds are muffled

There he was before me (inhale)
an automatic King who didn't need the proms validity
6 feet of spectacular
breath taking
draped in panache

Beautiful has soiled his pants
at the looks of you Fah’

He woos me with his mile wide smile
Opens up the corsage box
and his strong hands
caterpillars it onto my wrist (exhale)

I pin on his boutonničre

Sashay and strike it for our paparazzi
We then say our goodbye’s
grab hold of each other’s free palms
punch a fist of joy into the air with my other hand

Lungs filled with excitement and rebelliousness
We jam this baby up a few gears

His laugh confirms it

That it’s on on and onin’...

Eat your goddamn heart out Fred Astaire!


Freshly bathed in good scents, good times and black tuxedo-shoes-tie
fresh fade
fresh breath
scared to death
'cause damn she looks good
dress clings to all 5 feet eleven inches of
why is she so fly....
I smile at her parents who smile at me
with that, yeah he's black
but he's hers and she's happy
so we's happy
type eye winks

Okayplayer High School
has no clue what is in store for the dance floor
as ambidextuous are we as fresh beats intertwine
with shoes and souls
grooves become conversation as all other talking done
My man's and nem nod
appropriately trying not to eye backsides
of best prom date ever...

"You havin' fun Pele?"
"Yes, I am...baby..."

My heart jumps Olympic feats
as beads of sweat drip from brow...
what now...

It's been two hours already...

when can we kiss...

when can we leave...

can we love more than just the idea of loving
or the physical representation of loving
that comes toward evenings end...

I hate peer pressure,
but I love my date...

High School sucks.


I cut it short with the girls
Didn’t come to gossip ladies
In their eyes I can see a mix of
Admiration and envy
For he
They wish they could have

What seems like the beginning has been hours

He’s east-coastin me fiercely
onto his New Jack Swing
and I’m digging it
So I sprinkle him Oaktown 3-5-7
His pheromones fahrenheightens my Juicy

DJ’s spinnin Guy’s track “I Like”
I snake my spine and unwind
as he mummifies himself around me
gently from behind

Aaron Hall belts out this very moment
“…Feelings getting stronger, Oh you are my lover
When I’m with you, there is no other…
A spell you got me under…”

Damn my heart he has plundered
We’re meshed in motion so close
Not even a quake could put asunder
I listen closely to his energy
releasing tender moans of thunder
does this demystify the fact
that he might have pondered
on what I’ve wondered?

His fingers whispers to my skin
Touch messagin’
Transmissions of attraction
Spins me around facing him

In slow mo he
Pulls me close
our lips are plugged

Instant electricity

School teach tries to referee
In-between us

I take off my shoes
He loosens his bow
Grabs my hand and our eyes meet
“Let’s go baby…” he says

my feet agrees as we run
towards the exit

" I have a confession..."
I say, staring into the world before me
forecasting futures through her eyes
"I dig you..." she smiles, nestled head between shoulder and chest
I inhale bath and body works cucumber melon
(I have sisters...)
hairspray and electricity

my lower mind's eye says take this intoxicating angel
to room 131 where keys to such a palace lay
in breast pocket...uncle's doing...

but mind's owner says
"I want to be with you, P...f'real"
she looked up at he who be bashful, trying to understand puberty, love and manhood
all within tocks of digital clocks
as sticks and stones
form tree trunks and boulders...
her kiss massages my neck
like rolling r's in Spanish class

my left hand truly wants to massage her ass,
but respect for my date plus mother may I equals good brother who wants to more than make love but love my date

as limo driver coasts California highways
moonlight spotlights my words as I ask her to be my girl
and seal the fact that prom date sex
is not enough to sustain me...

I want you tomorrow, next Thursday and every semester I'm at UCSF

If you will have me...