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Topic subjectyou know what?
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19128, you know what?
Posted by muddywaters, Fri Oct-06-06 05:46 PM
I ain't voting. Fuck that. I'm a competitor. It's only four of us left and we the only ones that apparently care. I mean, this shit has been lackluster for whatever reason and abandoned but remains a visible shit stain because of the anchor. If cats is reading this and they name ain't Whateva, disorder6, empro or muddywaters, and they don't vote, at the very least, tell muddywaters he ain't shit. I don't give a fuck. But at least I know that you lifted your lazy ass fingers to type SOMETHING instead of keeping them on the mouse for steady clickin on shit. I seen the same happen on the Topic Tourney final. About six people voted out of about two-hundred or more views. Neither of these comps didn't start out like that.
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