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Topic subjectRE: King of the Ring V (Round 3)
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19122, RE: King of the Ring V (Round 3)
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Oct-03-06 12:22 PM

Disorder 6 gets set aflame like guitars played by Jimi Hendrix
No gimmicks or tricks
No alias needed for this cat to be defeated and physically removed like Roethlisberger's appendix
This dude is star struck from my "disorderly" conduct
Son, its no escape you bathing ape, this ain't a rape....It's a kind Fuck
You're really pressin your luck comin at me outta pocket
I use my mouth as a rocket lettin shit fly out to rupture vital organs and dislocate sockets
You wanna go BIG DICK with me?
Nigga I'll send you to hell then charge you a fee
For even steppin on flames
You fucked up the 1st time you mentioned my name
I guess you must not know what I'm all about....
You been on my cock so hard I bet you wanna suck my "White-Out"
I'm the enigma
No, Q
No, Phi Beta Sigma
But I'll get in ya
This-Older-Soldier knocks the shit outta Dis-Order
No one even takes you seriously
Faggot ass non rappin who's picture is on the cover pamphlet of "LIVING WITH HIV"


game over cocksucker, hahahahahaha, you cant fuck with dis

im probbly New York's Finest slingin beats in a alley
put that metal on ya crown, King ya, beat you in cali
like rodney, have riots and rallies swimmin in distress
this a hip-hop police citizens arrest
fillin-in-his-chest with- diminishing breaths
slow ya tempo empro, sit. think-n-rest.
true confessions- you talkin to a sinner and blessed
regrets unless you testify dis is the best
and no less than that dude to smack a kid off's moms chest
for lookin at me wrong, Im a code red bomb threat
yup- I service Anytime, Unlimited hours
put ya nikes on phone wires, grown tired of fittin liars
hands higher gEMP when 6 spits, the money drops
or u shot in ya face over some money like money shots
real inked shots surround ya in surreal inkblots
in awe, think YOU spit hot? SORRY, I think not
I singe blocks with spit hocked without twin glocks
in my rhymes so many dimes drop economies flip flop
that aint where the shit stops, cause 6 is tip top
tip toe ya whole show, jump ship and ship off
off shit i rip hard while you just a rip-off
I rip all ya gold shit and tip you to get off,
bum-- you the undisputed king of incoherence
6 turns a nine in your ear, sleep DEEP while you hear it
love im or fear him, long as respectful when near him
I put a price on his whole head its a Ho-Sale Clearance