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Topic subjectWhateva vs muddywaters
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19115, Whateva vs muddywaters
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Oct-03-06 12:17 PM

The best you can get is second, I'm King of the Ring!
beating you is like somethin thats breathin.....its NOT a thing
Try to scheme and turn ya team into BLOODY supporters
they screamin, he gettin STOMPED, we wadin in muddywaters!!
these lines is live wire, you should study ya borders
study ya sport, you need a sub, you STUCK in the second quarter
you FALLIN, fumblin the ball in ya court, HANDS OFF!!
Boss, I'm a wizard like GILBERT ARENAS or Gandalf!!
stand off patna, you SO proper, you SOAP-opera
you so-so, stop poppin off, I AM so ya papa
I studied him, LIGHTS OUT!!, one clap like the clapper
when muddy spit they like "um...so you WANT to be a rapper?"
I ETHERED champions when nobody said I COULD stop-them
better known as "the GOD" at live shows because I "Rock-em"
top-side or bottom , when he look lopsided I KNOW I got-em
Whateva PLUS or minus a rookie equals a problem
I'm the hotness, but Muddy be where the GEEK-ness is
stick to poetry, it's SAFE, they embrace ya weaknesses
i'm buckwild on WHOLE gangs of erroneous punks
I SPIT Miles of Coltrane and Thelonius Monk
that p-funk that CLIMB on you like PEPPY the skunk
I slammed muddy on the Net and got a ESPY for a DUNK....lol


this is an open letter, to that cat Whateva
when i sever your ass, it’ll be hard to keep your shit together
you ass backwards, shittin in urinals
i calls this round third, you can call it your funeral
and as usual my shit is late
like what your girl told you when yall went on that first date
and i’m in her same mind state –
i don’t want to be bothered with Whateva whose exchange rate
don’t equal up to what i’m already holdin
call me when you pass them college classes that you’re enrolled in
or i might be mistaken your age
from the shit you wrote, your between kindergarten and the forth grade
elementary nigga, you call yourself a rider
well i’m the bus driver, sit your ass down and keep you hands inside of
the window, and be quiet when i’m crossing the tracks
i’m taking Whateva to school and back
imma Ctrl,Alt,Delete Whateva, cause his style just froze
nigga running like snot out his nose
or blood from his pussy, here’s a dollar for a Kotex
a scared bitch battling, telling cats “naw, you go next…”
like your pops when ya moms said you was his
i’m like “whateva..”, cause i don’t have time to waste on kids
so…finish your chores like washin the dishes
before ya mama make you go outside and pick her some switches