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Topic subjectKing of the Ring V (Round 3)
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19106, King of the Ring V (Round 3)
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Sep-21-06 04:22 PM
Same Rules...We are nearing the end to a slow moving...no-show parade...tourney...of lackluster beef and extremely low voting turnout...so folks..let's end this the right way...

Final matchups are:

Whateva vs muddywaters
empro vs disorder_6

After this round...There will be one last round from regular contestants. Hit the inbox by wednesday 10pm to get this thing started. Good Luck
19107, my verse in
Posted by Whateva, Fri Sep-22-06 06:57 AM
this is kind of disappointing.
19108, my verse ain't in..
Posted by muddywaters, Sat Sep-23-06 10:13 AM
but expect to be "diss" appointed again
and then expect to see muddywaters and empro advance
19109, RE: my verse ain't in..
Posted by disorder 6, Sat Sep-23-06 11:14 AM
hahahahahaha two jokes in one
19110, haha!!
Posted by Whateva, Sat Sep-23-06 12:44 PM
>but expect to be "diss" appointed again
>and then expect to see muddywaters and empro advance

That was weak like your last verse. Why you taking so long anyway?
You closing a deal on a new ghostwriter? LOL! Keep it simple ahk. Take ya whuppin like a man and head back to the emcee gym. You lacking muscle!!
19111, RE: Deep.
Posted by ak_reborn, Sat Sep-23-06 04:46 PM
19112, The slow pace is killin this tournament
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Tue Sep-26-06 08:01 PM
19113, My flow is in
Posted by empro, Wed Sep-27-06 04:54 PM
19114, RE: King of the Ring V (Round 3)
Posted by disorder 6, Sun Oct-01-06 10:54 AM
this has been going so long I forgot who's alias I am
19115, Whateva vs muddywaters
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Oct-03-06 12:17 PM

The best you can get is second, I'm King of the Ring!
beating you is like somethin thats breathin.....its NOT a thing
Try to scheme and turn ya team into BLOODY supporters
they screamin, he gettin STOMPED, we wadin in muddywaters!!
these lines is live wire, you should study ya borders
study ya sport, you need a sub, you STUCK in the second quarter
you FALLIN, fumblin the ball in ya court, HANDS OFF!!
Boss, I'm a wizard like GILBERT ARENAS or Gandalf!!
stand off patna, you SO proper, you SOAP-opera
you so-so, stop poppin off, I AM so ya papa
I studied him, LIGHTS OUT!!, one clap like the clapper
when muddy spit they like "um...so you WANT to be a rapper?"
I ETHERED champions when nobody said I COULD stop-them
better known as "the GOD" at live shows because I "Rock-em"
top-side or bottom , when he look lopsided I KNOW I got-em
Whateva PLUS or minus a rookie equals a problem
I'm the hotness, but Muddy be where the GEEK-ness is
stick to poetry, it's SAFE, they embrace ya weaknesses
i'm buckwild on WHOLE gangs of erroneous punks
I SPIT Miles of Coltrane and Thelonius Monk
that p-funk that CLIMB on you like PEPPY the skunk
I slammed muddy on the Net and got a ESPY for a DUNK....lol


this is an open letter, to that cat Whateva
when i sever your ass, it’ll be hard to keep your shit together
you ass backwards, shittin in urinals
i calls this round third, you can call it your funeral
and as usual my shit is late
like what your girl told you when yall went on that first date
and i’m in her same mind state –
i don’t want to be bothered with Whateva whose exchange rate
don’t equal up to what i’m already holdin
call me when you pass them college classes that you’re enrolled in
or i might be mistaken your age
from the shit you wrote, your between kindergarten and the forth grade
elementary nigga, you call yourself a rider
well i’m the bus driver, sit your ass down and keep you hands inside of
the window, and be quiet when i’m crossing the tracks
i’m taking Whateva to school and back
imma Ctrl,Alt,Delete Whateva, cause his style just froze
nigga running like snot out his nose
or blood from his pussy, here’s a dollar for a Kotex
a scared bitch battling, telling cats “naw, you go next…”
like your pops when ya moms said you was his
i’m like “whateva..”, cause i don’t have time to waste on kids
so…finish your chores like washin the dishes
before ya mama make you go outside and pick her some switches
19116, close call
Posted by disorder 6, Tue Oct-03-06 11:22 PM
vote: whateva

this line from muddy had me dying tho

>or blood from his pussy, here’s a dollar for a Kotex
>a scared bitch battling, telling cats “naw, you go next…”

19117, RE: close call
Posted by freedomfighter, Wed Oct-04-06 09:37 AM
i got a disorder jumping on band wagon pipes
blowing out my brains under street head lights

stop gurgglig wit nut nothing but the stick
and get down to bbb sis c duke

Freeworld Order
Dangurus Mines
19118, muddywaters
Posted by Ezzsential, Sat Oct-14-06 12:37 PM
because whatever's verse was more braggadocio with no really profound disses that stood out to me...

both were pretty good though...

but muddy had more disses and thats what this was all about...
- I write battle verses to Mariah Carey songs...www.soundclick.com/ezzsentialsoul
19119, It's Whateva but Muddywaters verse was tight as shit
Posted by JayBilal, Wed Nov-15-06 02:18 PM
19120, Whateva
Posted by Samurai_Shampoo, Fri Nov-17-06 12:34 PM
19121, Whateva took this with relative ease n/m
Posted by DVS, Tue Nov-28-06 09:53 PM
19122, RE: King of the Ring V (Round 3)
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Oct-03-06 12:22 PM

Disorder 6 gets set aflame like guitars played by Jimi Hendrix
No gimmicks or tricks
No alias needed for this cat to be defeated and physically removed like Roethlisberger's appendix
This dude is star struck from my "disorderly" conduct
Son, its no escape you bathing ape, this ain't a rape....It's a kind Fuck
You're really pressin your luck comin at me outta pocket
I use my mouth as a rocket lettin shit fly out to rupture vital organs and dislocate sockets
You wanna go BIG DICK with me?
Nigga I'll send you to hell then charge you a fee
For even steppin on flames
You fucked up the 1st time you mentioned my name
I guess you must not know what I'm all about....
You been on my cock so hard I bet you wanna suck my "White-Out"
I'm the enigma
No, Q
No, Phi Beta Sigma
But I'll get in ya
This-Older-Soldier knocks the shit outta Dis-Order
No one even takes you seriously
Faggot ass non rappin who's picture is on the cover pamphlet of "LIVING WITH HIV"


game over cocksucker, hahahahahaha, you cant fuck with dis

im probbly New York's Finest slingin beats in a alley
put that metal on ya crown, King ya, beat you in cali
like rodney, have riots and rallies swimmin in distress
this a hip-hop police citizens arrest
fillin-in-his-chest with- diminishing breaths
slow ya tempo empro, sit. think-n-rest.
true confessions- you talkin to a sinner and blessed
regrets unless you testify dis is the best
and no less than that dude to smack a kid off's moms chest
for lookin at me wrong, Im a code red bomb threat
yup- I service Anytime, Unlimited hours
put ya nikes on phone wires, grown tired of fittin liars
hands higher gEMP when 6 spits, the money drops
or u shot in ya face over some money like money shots
real inked shots surround ya in surreal inkblots
in awe, think YOU spit hot? SORRY, I think not
I singe blocks with spit hocked without twin glocks
in my rhymes so many dimes drop economies flip flop
that aint where the shit stops, cause 6 is tip top
tip toe ya whole show, jump ship and ship off
off shit i rip hard while you just a rip-off
I rip all ya gold shit and tip you to get off,
bum-- you the undisputed king of incoherence
6 turns a nine in your ear, sleep DEEP while you hear it
love im or fear him, long as respectful when near him
I put a price on his whole head its a Ho-Sale Clearance

19123, RE: King of the Ring V (Round 3)
Posted by freedomfighter, Tue Oct-03-06 12:55 PM
fuck wit it

u wantta feel some real fire
then grab richard priors lite her
between canopies fighter
of destroying yo legacy
wit daniel m Margolis
wongful death ain't nothing
left fetal umblical cord n this diss
after pissing percision surgical incision
L.A. clipping New yorkers bleeding
at & t running underground wit a scar on they face eyes burning from pepper mace
4 aces in a deck solomons temple wreck
wet and misused telling sam the 3rd
to retract the clues for restoration
crytal clearing hating the sign of the lovers
hover over the awaken die eating
magic watermelon head in hagar's bed
a save her was born rejected
under laws i claw heavens sheets apple blunts
and hydro pump smoke asceending so so dope
drop the rope and got gang bang it's
oxymoron he couldn't hang lung slang
chest cold little kim's whoa

put yo liter down because

Freeworld Order
Dangurus Mines
19124, Disorder 6
Posted by Whateva, Fri Oct-06-06 01:59 PM
I thought both could do better..but my vote for Dis for a solid verse.
19125, Empro
Posted by JayBilal, Wed Nov-15-06 02:19 PM
19126, disorder
Posted by Samurai_Shampoo, Fri Nov-17-06 12:34 PM
19127, Disorder 6 in a landslide n/m
Posted by DVS, Tue Nov-28-06 09:58 PM
19128, you know what?
Posted by muddywaters, Fri Oct-06-06 05:46 PM
I ain't voting. Fuck that. I'm a competitor. It's only four of us left and we the only ones that apparently care. I mean, this shit has been lackluster for whatever reason and abandoned but remains a visible shit stain because of the anchor. If cats is reading this and they name ain't Whateva, disorder6, empro or muddywaters, and they don't vote, at the very least, tell muddywaters he ain't shit. I don't give a fuck. But at least I know that you lifted your lazy ass fingers to type SOMETHING instead of keeping them on the mouse for steady clickin on shit. I seen the same happen on the Topic Tourney final. About six people voted out of about two-hundred or more views. Neither of these comps didn't start out like that.
Follow through...
19129, RE: you know what?
Posted by ak_reborn, Mon Oct-09-06 08:55 AM
Emp gets ma vote.
couple good punch lines.
19130, my vote Empro and Whateva
Posted by Rajeniro757, Fri Oct-13-06 07:46 AM
19131, RE: My other vote: whateva.
Posted by ak_reborn, Sun Oct-15-06 06:31 AM
19132, whateva and disorder
Posted by MiracleRic, Sun Oct-15-06 01:09 PM
aight, ima tally all on monday...the final is around the way and i apologize for the slowness of the tourney but not some the wackness and since no one else will talk shit, i will...there will be no brand new king...it will be an old one...period...

so...the winners of this round will face each other on friday...and i will inbox every past king and there will be a 4-king battle royal...each king gets a verse...it can be directed at all other kings...one...or just some swag shit...votes go towards the illest verse...and then the King round will take place...aight...yall better inbox all ya friends so we can get a few more votes...past contestants need to show up...and lets end this with something worth spittin
19133, It looks like i got more votes that disorder
Posted by empro, Mon Oct-16-06 02:30 AM
if i counted right
19134, nah, but now u do
Posted by disorder 6, Sun Oct-22-06 10:15 PM
vote: empro

'cause it only matters that i know it was a shut out, hahahahahaha

19135, sorry this is taking so long
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Nov-09-06 02:18 AM
but im waiting for a response from Prolif...

if he comes thru i have a feeling that the previous wackness of this tourney was worth going thru at least for the upcoming battle royale
19136, RE: sorry this is taking so long
Posted by theodore909, Sat Nov-25-06 05:24 PM
i think it's koo u listen to more than hip-hop...shut up yall can't rap j/p