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Topic subjectRE: Loser's Bracket
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19054, RE: Loser's Bracket
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Sep-07-06 02:17 PM
The only person moving on in the loser's bracket is disorder 6 because he was the only to inbox...

disorder 6

cant get my name outta my rhyme
like yall cant get it out ya minds
out of ya minds if ya dont sign the cosign
i pen crack lines so fine, push em $39.95,
metaphor? right... next im sniffin the mic
look right, cause you hit on ya left
ya blind side, and ya might slide away
if your luck turns out right
if not hey at least I aint wet'cha
but I will pull out beatings
reminicent of chancletas
6 set a sucka with sick style
try the shoes on grow a sick smile
walkin for 6 miles
back to a swift pile
of dead in a Nile of vile spit bile
they in a better place,
I change face with no trace displacing
language outside of race
at a pace so out of place
it belongs out in outter space...