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Topic subjectak reborn vs muddywaters
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19052, ak reborn vs muddywaters
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Sep-07-06 02:11 PM

Yo,Muddy water,dirty h20,watch me kill you slow,
crack your cabbage,im a savage,your a blood-bath sandwich,
and hand stitch your face to the soul of my kicks,
so your similar then me walkin on dirt and shit,
managed to hit back at pirate boys failed attack,
that he slid into loser circle for a chance to comeback,
you just poor,a bye to round two and you still sore?
i dance on your grave while chanting "muddy is my slave",
to this rhyme page,king of the ring tourney stage,
thats the outcome when you unleash this beast,
an ill mc that feasts on the deceased,
and the least,will be me slicing off his head,
use it as a pumpkin and shit down his neck,
dont fight this hype,you just aint the type,
pussyd out,no doubt,you aint prepared to fight,
shoot you in the knee cap,and you start boppin,
your own type of crip walk,i got you pop n lockin,
1 bullet to the heart,a sad vision on my part,
owell,ill send your mum flowers and your heart,
distort your face and keep it as memory,
of your sad defeat,ya wack lines are weak,
you couldnt scratch the surface if you had reached your peak,
im sleek,unique leave ya joints weak,
you just bones in your home waiting to be seen.


the only time you not hearin "best" where my name resides
is when it's compared to "Dare Iz A Dareside"
who is AK Reborn!? self proclaimed heat spitter?
you softer than cream corn when i'm sittin on my shitter
we should've battled in the first, or i really should've voted
for blak's shit
"reborn" your shit in the losers bracket
but this murder right here, well it was premeditated
i gave you life in the first, so in the second i could take it
and i hope you're only doing this for your own enjoyment-
for funds? fill out these forms and apply for unemployment
cause you about to lose this job like a no handed strangler
your ass couldn't get a W if you was wearin Wranglers
you wanna reign but you tame in your cubicle
as usual, you's a lame bitch with cute cuticles
who's out passed her curfew, best to bring your bible
and get your moms to nurse you when i pumped the rifle
yeah you spit..up red shit on your white tee
you didn't quit..congrats AK! now you's a casuality
try to surpass muddywaters? shits not allowed
AK's like a CD on tuesday, your ass is "OUT NOW!!"