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Topic subjectak_reborn vs. muddywaters
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19051, ak_reborn vs. muddywaters
Posted by The Lyric, Thu Sep-14-06 01:43 PM
I vote for muddywaters


+ Really nice visual: "and hand stitch your face to the SOLE* of my kicks," Need some more lines like that
- A little too dark. Too Hannibal Lecter; even Hanibal Lecter had some humor. I mean, having some hint of regular everyday shit here and there makes it easier for people to believe what you are selling; else it will seem more horror film, and hence a fantasy

- First 8 lines felt like a hiccup (though the "soft corn" line was nice)
+ The visuals flows easily from one line to another
+ More witty
     eg: "your ass couldn't get a W if you was wearin Wranglers" (made me laugh too hard)
     "AK's like a CD on tuesday, your ass is "OUT NOW!!"

Naturally, this is subjective...