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Topic subjectRE: Rajeniro757 vs Whateva
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19043, RE: Rajeniro757 vs Whateva
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Sep-07-06 02:14 PM

well whateva's clever
but clever's pussy you see
after battling me
he'll bleed a week
and sit when he pee
couldn't catch the flow
if he was a cup in the sea
half ass screen name
but all ass emcee
in philly with your philly
so don't call pass three
getting pass me? please
thats like Tyra Banks
breast feeding a billion chinese
or C. Ray Nagin saying
Katrina was a breeze
you know my steez
cut you off at the knees
make you an amputee
now stand up to these
you shook hands with the king
i'mma start collecting fees


Look, he not defeating me, he's one GOD short of a miracle
I spit them OH-SIX, chrome whip, negro spirituals
Now Rajee finding out that I'm ridiculously lyrical
These emcees my wheaties, my corn flakes and CHEERIOS
vitamins and minerals, I'm POLISHED shorty
I'm higher than you can get wit a BRICK...and six forties
Shorty prostitutin rap, I took a few estimates
Raj spit more verses for JOHN's...than the new testament
I thought about Raj and his beef, he can't bury-it
he geekin, his FLOW weak...he on the last day of his PERI-OD
hear me? cut up the shoot up, "King of this", bravado
I got a flow they use up to synch up swiss MOVADOS
dude abusin them dues, I'm making them payments
He postin up that fisher-price, PUPPY CHOW cadence
Raj a little COY wit it, lead adjust the boy fitted
I get in it, hip-hop, whip cream and TOYS wit it
She promiscuous now, lettin CORNY niggas hit it
industry, the penthouse pimps, pushers in pin stripes
Whateva da pace setta, percussions and windpipes
cushy drums, enlightened discussions and insight
midnight, I be immersed in verses thats prophetic
let it burn into you rookies...like some THIRD EYE poetics
on the jets, them bammas use boxcutters on 9-eleven
all I need is a BAR to drop a SEVEN-FIVE-SEVEN....