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Topic subjectKing of the Ring V (round 2)
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19037, King of the Ring V (round 2)
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-24-06 11:11 PM
Alright Winners...welcome to the winners circle

Loser's...you have a 2nd chance to prove yourself...

The Winner's of the First Round are:

BlakBeard, Rajeniro757, Biohazard, Whateva(first round bye), empro(opponent no-show), muddywaters (late entry)

The matchups in the winner's circle are:

Blakbeard vs. muddywaters
Biohazard vs. empro
Rajeniro757 vs. Whateva

The loser's bracket:

Rules: Post a verse (no bar limit but no essays please), you can direct it at other contestants or just post a random verse. you will not be matched up against any particular person. Voters will vote for top 3 verses (loser's must vote for 3 other than themselves). Top 3 verses make it into the 3rd round for a possible 3rd round upset.

Loser Bracket Contestants:

Razor Ramon

Send verses to my inbox by Wednesday 8pm