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Topic subjectRE: R I P Third I EyE (i)
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18908, RE: R I P Third I EyE (i)
Posted by the_best_part, Fri Aug-25-06 06:48 AM
i went to bed last night with this on my mind
and its still haunting me
her family
her upcoming wedding
her peers
her words...
i really dont know what to say

i want to hug my friends and tell them i love them
hold my babies close, really close
mend fences with those that have drifted away

i usta read her poems and think...
i wish i were brave enough to share
what i write about my pain
and wished i was courageous enough
bleed honesty into poems
the way she did

her poetry dug deep
made me
stuck to me long after
i'd read the words and phrases
beautifully written
and so dam
and that was just a part
of her