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Topic subjectR I P Third I EyE (i)
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18894, R I P Third I EyE (i)
Posted by Zin, Thu Aug-24-06 10:29 PM
ayo ...i really don't have much to say right now ....
but you know i'm really messed up right now ....
i just now listened to the berfday shout she left me on my machine and it fucked me up ....ayo i can't even believe this shit ....

and i posted her berfday poem with out even knowing ...but i guess there was just this feeling ......

70 pages wide ruled ...back to front ...love you woman

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Subject: (ieyeI) know you ...po&rep?
Posted by One_Man_Amazin on Jul-02-03 at 03:07 PM

My ears miss the sound of the sound of you missing my ears …
My eyes miss the eyes that looked back from inside your eyes…
Your taste is still with me …
But your touch has been long gone …
we share breath …
on a rainy afternoon only to never touch again ..
then let our rawest emotions spill onto these whites …
Pages ..
Linens ..
And Let the cry of love missed over flow onto cheeks and down faces ..
let them weep ..
the tears
lovers who never knew love ..
friends who never became ..
partners who never exchanged






They will never understand our connection.

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Subject: August
Posted by 3rd i on Jul-03-03 at 10:02 AM
In response to message #0

I am remembering the month of Augustus
You have always been the bearer of my sighs
Flesh upon my flesh
Your tongue licked the hollows of my southern groove
I could rely on the sound of your voice like the rising of the sun
I needed to be under your skin so I can feel what living really was
The earth quakes when u moaned
Monarch butterflies soared on gentle breezes
Your kisses were tempered to the seasons
You found be beneath the ocean’s waves
Dreaming of dry land
Called out to me in the voice of my soul
They have never known that
Artemis walked among them
You have whispered sounds in the palm of my hands
And I
Wept at your feet

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Subject: RE: August
Posted by One_Man_Amazin on Jul-08-03 at 12:04 PM
In response to message #4

I spoke those ….Words escaping into the nape of your neck too high to
hear with the ear…telling of love unconditional …and unchanged even
..when neglected by the very fuel …to which set this fire ablaze …this
game has taken a wrong turn into …I love you?

This game has taken a turn …a bank and a roll in to final
approach…steal away for a day… I’ll rescue ya broke heart for my pleasure then
throw it back where I got it from … and the cycle continues …

From big gurl blues to love you’s to miss you’s to fuck you…realizing
that I can’t move without thinking of you…we shared breath …and at that
very moment your air was my air and my air was your air and the very
thing that kept you alive kept me and we shared time space and relevance
at that moment ..the with out even looking back threw that heart of
yours back where I found it …and lost my pride at the same time …that’s
missing …missing breathing

Message: #10
Subject: What i carried
Posted by 3rd i on Jul-10-03 at 09:28 AM
In response to message #0

I left with more than memories
Confused and couldn’t be near to me
The carrier of your ghostly seed
There were already TWWWWWOOOOOOO from you a
3rd u would have gone unnoticed
I would have said to him...baby u came from 3 months of unconditional
Of unsent notebooks, of I h(l)a(o)t(v)e(e) you’s.
He was the unborn son of our poetry

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Subject: RE: What i carried
Posted by One_Man_Amazin on Jul-11-03 at 02:38 PM
In response to message #10

Of unsent notebooks, of I h(l)a(o)t(v)e(e) you’s.
He was the unborn son of our poetry
Because u rejected me my body rejected him
Toxic soil to a seed planted in l(u)o(s)v(t)e
My grief would not let me bare a reminder of you

My seed aborted life it self and chose “strait to heaven” as the option
…with out passing GO
The barren orchard can not bear the fruit of love.. can not bear the
fruit of love .. only holds tree of lust .. and what lust brings is Sin
.. tho you neva had the opportunity to choose which road to take .. me
holding the keys .. neither damned enough to bear …rotten seeds .. oh
how could love be so cruel .. next life time!!!