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Topic subjectR I P Third I EyE (i)
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18894, R I P Third I EyE (i)
Posted by Zin, Thu Aug-24-06 10:29 PM
ayo ...i really don't have much to say right now ....
but you know i'm really messed up right now ....
i just now listened to the berfday shout she left me on my machine and it fucked me up ....ayo i can't even believe this shit ....

and i posted her berfday poem with out even knowing ...but i guess there was just this feeling ......

70 pages wide ruled ...back to front ...love you woman

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Subject: (ieyeI) know you ...po&rep?
Posted by One_Man_Amazin on Jul-02-03 at 03:07 PM

My ears miss the sound of the sound of you missing my ears …
My eyes miss the eyes that looked back from inside your eyes…
Your taste is still with me …
But your touch has been long gone …
we share breath …
on a rainy afternoon only to never touch again ..
then let our rawest emotions spill onto these whites …
Pages ..
Linens ..
And Let the cry of love missed over flow onto cheeks and down faces ..
let them weep ..
the tears
lovers who never knew love ..
friends who never became ..
partners who never exchanged






They will never understand our connection.

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Subject: August
Posted by 3rd i on Jul-03-03 at 10:02 AM
In response to message #0

I am remembering the month of Augustus
You have always been the bearer of my sighs
Flesh upon my flesh
Your tongue licked the hollows of my southern groove
I could rely on the sound of your voice like the rising of the sun
I needed to be under your skin so I can feel what living really was
The earth quakes when u moaned
Monarch butterflies soared on gentle breezes
Your kisses were tempered to the seasons
You found be beneath the ocean’s waves
Dreaming of dry land
Called out to me in the voice of my soul
They have never known that
Artemis walked among them
You have whispered sounds in the palm of my hands
And I
Wept at your feet

Message: #6
Subject: RE: August
Posted by One_Man_Amazin on Jul-08-03 at 12:04 PM
In response to message #4

I spoke those ….Words escaping into the nape of your neck too high to
hear with the ear…telling of love unconditional …and unchanged even
..when neglected by the very fuel …to which set this fire ablaze …this
game has taken a wrong turn into …I love you?

This game has taken a turn …a bank and a roll in to final
approach…steal away for a day… I’ll rescue ya broke heart for my pleasure then
throw it back where I got it from … and the cycle continues …

From big gurl blues to love you’s to miss you’s to fuck you…realizing
that I can’t move without thinking of you…we shared breath …and at that
very moment your air was my air and my air was your air and the very
thing that kept you alive kept me and we shared time space and relevance
at that moment ..the with out even looking back threw that heart of
yours back where I found it …and lost my pride at the same time …that’s
missing …missing breathing

Message: #10
Subject: What i carried
Posted by 3rd i on Jul-10-03 at 09:28 AM
In response to message #0

I left with more than memories
Confused and couldn’t be near to me
The carrier of your ghostly seed
There were already TWWWWWOOOOOOO from you a
3rd u would have gone unnoticed
I would have said to him...baby u came from 3 months of unconditional
Of unsent notebooks, of I h(l)a(o)t(v)e(e) you’s.
He was the unborn son of our poetry

Message: #12
Subject: RE: What i carried
Posted by One_Man_Amazin on Jul-11-03 at 02:38 PM
In response to message #10

Of unsent notebooks, of I h(l)a(o)t(v)e(e) you’s.
He was the unborn son of our poetry
Because u rejected me my body rejected him
Toxic soil to a seed planted in l(u)o(s)v(t)e
My grief would not let me bare a reminder of you

My seed aborted life it self and chose “strait to heaven” as the option
…with out passing GO
The barren orchard can not bear the fruit of love.. can not bear the
fruit of love .. only holds tree of lust .. and what lust brings is Sin
.. tho you neva had the opportunity to choose which road to take .. me
holding the keys .. neither damned enough to bear …rotten seeds .. oh
how could love be so cruel .. next life time!!!

18895, "thoughts on a sunday that i remember."
Posted by kisszion, Thu Aug-24-06 10:36 PM

The words I write are pieces of a long forgotten song

I have searched the world over seeking something that I have always carried within me

What is strength?

To draw from the well of my soul the energy to keep going forward

What is satisfaction?

Knowledge that this moment will never die.

I am on a carousel smiling

A moment of clarity where I remember who we were

I stretch my arms to the sky to embrace the sun

To show you that although I will never touch the sun

I can always reach

That is hope.

I am not incomplete without you

I deceived myself for so long thinking I wasn't whole

Thinking I wasn't worthy of love

I write, not because I'm sick but because it's like breathing

Words are forming on the horizon and I can feel Eurydice behind me

I was weak beaten by harsh desert winds

I had been exposed

My eyes

My brown eyes were closed

I was blind holding on to the doctrines of false prophets

Lost in a city of well wishers

I was a woman who didn't walk because she had always been told she couldn't

I slept for so long

I needed only your strength

I wanted only your love

In the end

I found my true self….waiting and wanting nothing

My skin is warm

My eyes reflect the light that is shining within

This is my covenant

That the void never needed filling

The void was always a void

Cocooned, I wanted to be safe from myself

I am an abstract individualist that wanted to conform

To a world that would still reject me

-Tichana Chipp
(3rd i)
18896, RE: R I P Third I EyE (i)
Posted by Prolif, Thu Aug-24-06 10:38 PM


<----- my phone


"No one is smarter than anyone else, they just know more" -- Brian and Brandon
18897, Rest In Peace 3rd
Posted by empro, Thu Aug-24-06 10:44 PM
She showed me love.
Was good friends with my sis.
Mos Def she will be missed


Okp won't forget your work and contribution

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas for us to see
18898, God, no...
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Thu Aug-24-06 11:01 PM
I really don't know what to say...This hurts...

18899, smh
Posted by Orula, Thu Aug-24-06 11:06 PM
18900, yo stay up family.
Posted by Aeon, Thu Aug-24-06 11:47 PM
we was a little fam in here...
she was loved.

peace to you and yours and her fam.
18901, R.I.P.
Posted by Rajeniro757, Fri Aug-25-06 12:05 AM
18902, RE: R I P Third I EyE (i)
Posted by delrica, Fri Aug-25-06 12:31 AM
I can't say anything.

I simply don't understand.
18903, If words eclipse my pain...
Posted by DVS, Fri Aug-25-06 12:41 AM
I knew from afar...this enigmatic moment...
Souls kindred...roads travelled similar...
Sat sidecar and coasted thru related scenery...
Compared old soul scars and red dirt roads...
Over collard green casserole fat back...
words run short like time did...
and I am keenly aware...
of gaping black holes where love once stood...
if only....
18904, :(
Posted by LaDeeDeF_99, Fri Aug-25-06 01:02 AM
shes my friend... :(
18905, rip sis....wasn't her birthday this week???
Posted by Seven, Fri Aug-25-06 01:09 AM
..damn...i ccan't believe it
18906, RE: R I P Third I EyE
Posted by ak_reborn, Fri Aug-25-06 05:24 AM
I didnt know her but
still i show affection,
coz even though some dont
doesnt mean we cant express,
my respect for life and death
but friends is much more,
so i understand the pain,
many have gone though.

18907, it was the 23rd, Zin had a happy birthday tribute to her up
Posted by mindful, Fri Aug-25-06 05:39 PM
*shakes head*

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http://msmind.blogspot.com|the life

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18908, RE: R I P Third I EyE (i)
Posted by the_best_part, Fri Aug-25-06 06:48 AM
i went to bed last night with this on my mind
and its still haunting me
her family
her upcoming wedding
her peers
her words...
i really dont know what to say

i want to hug my friends and tell them i love them
hold my babies close, really close
mend fences with those that have drifted away

i usta read her poems and think...
i wish i were brave enough to share
what i write about my pain
and wished i was courageous enough
bleed honesty into poems
the way she did

her poetry dug deep
made me
stuck to me long after
i'd read the words and phrases
beautifully written
and so dam
and that was just a part
of her

18909, God no....... why couldnt I save her.....
Posted by KnowOne, Fri Aug-25-06 08:26 AM
I didnt see it comming this time.... for once I thought she was happy. I owe her my life.....dag.... I dont know what to...
I love you Nikki.... Im glad your finally at peace.
thats all I can say for now.....
18910, inbox, babe
Posted by rgv, Fri Aug-25-06 08:53 PM
18911, just wow...
Posted by clarion, Fri Aug-25-06 09:24 AM

18912, I know. I miss her too
Posted by ThaAnthology, Fri Aug-25-06 09:41 AM
*sad day*...
18913, I saw the post in GD, but had to come here to pay my respects....
Posted by Phenomenality, Fri Aug-25-06 09:59 AM
this was a strong, talented, deeply complex woman who i respected extremly... she played a long and
profoundly important roll in my life here on freestyle for many years...

im so sorry she felt hopeless.. i hope she can see this and know how much she was loved..

rest peacefully beautiful.

Breathe E.Z.


....:I'm Focused, Man:....

"Do Not Let This Universe Regret You"
18914, I don't know what to say
Posted by stayls, Fri Aug-25-06 10:27 AM
When she tried the first time she talked with southjersey and she was on AIM trying to get in touch with someone. I was asking her every 5 min was she okay. I hate this.
18915, i'm so hurt.
Posted by paperdollpoet, Fri Aug-25-06 10:28 AM
you took everything with you
& now we're left to mourn your silence.

i can't finish this.

i need time to process.
18916, :( RIP Nikki
Posted by VAsBestBBW, Fri Aug-25-06 10:38 AM

18917, FYI: The Funeral Arrangements
Posted by KnowOne, Fri Aug-25-06 11:54 AM
Tishana's memorial service will be Sat @11am at Hall and Jones funeral home, 2005 G str brunswick, Ga

18918, Color Purple Crew for life...n/m
Posted by blak_yukon, Fri Aug-25-06 02:47 PM

<--get grown,bus!--

me and the fellas would converge and heat up some Hot Pockets in preparation for Rap City.© Roc

let's talk:

my uncles:
18919, ^^^^^^^
Posted by LaDeeDeF_99, Fri Aug-25-06 05:31 PM
18920, ^^^^^^^
Posted by Trace, Sat Aug-26-06 02:15 AM

so & so
such & such
pretty much.
18921, Heaven has a new Poet Laureate.
Posted by DawgEatah, Fri Aug-25-06 03:47 PM
Nikki always tried to get me to post in Freestyle and we used to tease eachother back and forth about it. I would come and read her poems but I never posted one of my own. She was always supportive and encouraging to me and that is something I will always hold in my heart.

I know she loved this forum.
And I know many of you loved her.

God bless her.
She is a beautiful spirit.

Much respect and love.

R.I.P. 3rd i: Heaven has a new Poet Laureate.
18922, I hope she found the peace she sought.
Posted by bluetiger, Fri Aug-25-06 04:47 PM

She will be missed. This sucks.

You Know What Love Is.

18923, RE: R I P Third I EyE (i)
Posted by ceeq9, Fri Aug-25-06 05:13 PM
i didn't know her, but honey girl had me @ her screen name. as i lurked in freesyle, i looked for the eye, her i, if i didn't see it, i usually backed out. this is really sad and haunting right now, since out of the few poems i read, i chose to reply on one that alluded to death, oh this hurts to hear this. so, rest gently dear angel, rest gently, but when you get tired, reprise your glow ever-more, ever more!

True rebels after all, are as rare as true lovers,and in both cases, to mistake a fever for passion can destroy one's life@james baldwin
18924, my fellow ga native...
Posted by mindful, Fri Aug-25-06 05:43 PM
may she rest in peace. may she truly rest in peace...


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http://msmind.blogspot.com|the life

l'amour est la médecine fidèle d'un dieu.
i'm aching for your awe ©ms mimi diva
18925, oh my God!!!
Posted by willi_dudat, Fri Aug-25-06 08:52 PM
why life gotta be so unpredictable??? thoughts and prayers to the fam and fellow okp's who were impacted by this loss...

over and out
18926, as soon as i find the words
Posted by rgv, Fri Aug-25-06 08:53 PM
18927, *Sparks one up and pours out a lil liqour*
Posted by Homicidal Crook, Sat Aug-26-06 04:52 AM
In the name of 3rd i, RIP you will be deeply missed.
18928, R.I.P...wtf?
Posted by Whateva, Sat Aug-26-06 07:51 AM
18929, This is very sad...
Posted by BarTek, Sat Aug-26-06 08:50 PM


He looks determined without being ruthless
Something heroic in this man, there's a courage about him
Doesn't look like a killer
Comes across so calm, acts like he has a dream
Full of passion

I miss Dilla~
18930, RE: R I P Third I EyE (i)
Posted by incogx, Sun Aug-27-06 12:37 AM
damn... just... damn...
18931, RE: R I P Third I EyE (i)
Posted by southernboy_423, Sun Aug-27-06 03:50 AM
yo im so confused....am i thinking correct somebody hit me up asap

...this is southern face it/ if we too simple, then yall dont get the basics/ - Lil Wayne The Carter 2


18932, fam
Posted by PG, Sun Aug-27-06 12:17 PM
soundclick artist Pappa... track "Abandoned Child"

this shit is gonn break my heart forever

zin man I need a hug *CRIES*

this didn't fucking happen.. it didn't it just fucking didn't

I love her

this shit got me on my knees.. i can't poor enough liquor or write something worthy.. that woman was a queen, and she sufferred and I love her and I miss her oh fucking godammit do I miss her.. please.

fucking computer's gonna short out I'm crying so hard on it right now
18933, stay up, family. ..
Posted by DawgEatah, Sun Aug-27-06 03:50 PM
she always spoke fondly of you and i know that the pain i am feeling must be tenfold for you. i know we can get thru this and i have some plans in the works to tributize her memory so that her beautiful words are not forgotten.

i wish there was more i could say to make it hurt less, but i am struggling myself. i just try to take comfort in knowing that she is no longer in pain, and she will continue to touch lives like she did when she was alive.

R.I.P. 3rd i: Heaven has a new Poet Laureate.
18934, for 3rd i...
Posted by southqueens, Mon Aug-28-06 11:47 AM
i never interacted with her much...but her words inspired me at times and in that is the continued blessing i think we all feel within the grief...

butterfly gone much
too soon; travel free of
earthly pain and fear.

farewell sis...
18935, peace...
Posted by Toothpick, Mon Aug-28-06 05:23 PM
during my big depression years the freestyle board, people like 3rd i, was an extended family that really helped me through shit...even if i wasn't one of the main heads on this page and stayed lurking mostly it did make a difference.

i'm sad to hear this. 3rd i was always gracious and her presence and words will be missed. peace to her loved ones. damn.
18936, may.. everytime anyone speaks, types or cries her name...
Posted by blaksilence, Mon Aug-28-06 10:08 PM
may a piece of peace wrap her in warmth

may whatever higher power she believed in welcome her with a smile

may her loved one's sorrows be replaced with her best moments

protect her, love her, take her to the place that she most wanted to be

18937, ashe.
Posted by LexM, Tue Aug-29-06 04:37 PM
it just so happened this was the first response i clicked on...

that says it about as well as any other.

bless her life.

~*~http://omidele.blogspot.com/ ~*~

"...we don't think in the dialectical rigid pattern of quatrain or synthetic pattern of sonnet: We think in blocks of sensation & images. IF THE POET'S MIND IS SHAPELY HIS ART WILL BE SHAPELY." ~allen ginsberg
18938, wow
Posted by Ezzsential, Tue Aug-29-06 11:26 AM
im fuckin stunned, what an amazing writer

i didnt know her personally but it kinda felt like it cuz of her poetry on here

i was reading her myspace (myspace.com/3rdi) and thats so sad she was too young only 31.... maaaaaan

18939, ...
Posted by OrangeLoni, Wed Aug-30-06 08:49 AM
I can't speak.
18940, you're not alone...
Posted by Foneticcus, Sat Sep-02-06 10:47 AM

18941, Sad for this loss
Posted by lunaeco, Mon Sep-04-06 07:31 AM
RIP 3rd i and sorry.
why has a million answers, same with how, when, who, where.
Sad and sorry are just some. "that could have been me" and I'll keep reading your poetry and wonder. For all and any of us this is a pity.
Love, peace and eternal blessings