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Topic subjectRE: Rajeniro757 vs Disorder_6
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18862, RE: Rajeniro757 vs Disorder_6
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-17-06 12:42 PM


you bout to catch more L's then a game of tetris
a checklist , or louis vuitton necklace
this one post pussy is bout to be found neckless
disorder?, you must having a dying fetish
I relish the death of careless in my scenery
push your wig back like you're james gandolfini
beg miracleric or resurrect Houdini
you aint seeing me,like Monique in a bikini
fuck up more emcees then def jam routinely
I catch more bodies then a gymnastic team B
the arm and hammer will leave you clean free
take the six in your name you be facing the sistine
get the picture? out the frame with a hot sixteen
why you holding a mic like mean gene
catching all my spit in your face like oil sheen
forget your dream grab a mop and got to work
couldn't get a clap if you were rapping in a church
next time you try to battle do some research
cause i beat alias lames to they fucking teeth hurt

disorder 6

one rhyme with me you pay your dues in the game
in one day, i'll give you fame n put a end to ya name
I'll make it quick and ease the pain, one hock slain dun
cause no competition gives me nothin to gain from
we one in the same sun but far on the spectrum
my dialects will wreck the necks of rookies and vets, son
you NEXT'd, DONE! bitch go bring out the next victim
have Fez stomp you out brought Yo Momma to help him
brush you off roll a dutch say dude come hit this
then chop ya head off with a lyrical wig split
so mind the sickness, this misfit rips it
im schitzo, thought i heard ya mans say, “diss him!”
I LISTEN- speak evil, and see evil,
reinterpret the senses into disorders, so lethal
out of order, on the edge with nothin to hang on
Dip. Immunity cause my state of mind: -PLANE- GONE
you on the right side its the right side of win/loss
I been flossin might while ya mic shoulda been lost
and DEF chasing G's like my ABC's
have the ref count ya losses like its "1, 2, 3"
n give ya the smack, that'll slide ya steps back
so smooth mike jackson sues for mic jackin acts
this aint rags 2 riches aint no zero 2 hero,
I-make-rajeniros-redden the-rio-de-janeiro!!