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Topic subjectRE: Ak-Reborn vs Blakbeard
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18846, RE: Ak-Reborn vs Blakbeard
Posted by MiracleRic, Fri Aug-18-06 07:56 AM

Yo Black,im back to back like your momma gettin tapped,
Ak pistol whippin,throw another clip in,
and extract the danger like a snake with no rhythm,
I kill em,with precision,but you aint worth the kill,
like your daddy's cum,all he had to do was spill,
for real,my terror plot will make your blood clot,
fall into shock and soon your heart stop,
and drop dead,at the scrapyard someones getting fed,
a whole lot of black beard blood and some bread,
you fucking bum sucking man with many faces,
peadophile type to touch kids in private places,
and face this,you been scarred by my lazers,
double barrel action for extra satisfaction,
my mind never eases,never fails to repeat this,
damage you inflict while you remain a fetus,
in this perfected form,i was born into my sage age,
known for wrecking domes when i unleash the rage,
was concealed in a cage,you sick minded necrophiliac,
equipped vasaline and dead girls is where he be at,
my ill attack,demonstrates my mental state,
i contemplate on killing cats with an earth quake,
for earths sake,someone take this kid out of vision,
this aint a battle,this is a catastrohpic collision,
or more likely to be blackbeards incision.


by the grace of god
you gettin skinned alive
bury you with a verse
that leaves jeezus blind
ima beast combined with a fettish for war
animalistic terror rap star carnivore
Ak Reborn....nah...you just arrived
i cant even stomach that crap in "family" ties"
plus you got no flow
i skip rocks off ya slow dome
"dowwwwwwnnn syyyyyyndroooome"
you been gone
i rip stones out of "Kids Needs"
you crippled boned and left with Rics speech (sorry fam...hahaha)
the lisp speaks!!!!
ya dig....i split ends of hares
remember the tortoise son
i been there...prepared
its a drag race to you
a marathon to me
i outrun cats pinpoint accuracy
the word strength venacular
seven times ya passenger
backseat talkin jabber jaw
stow and go ya stamina
thats over ya head
4 lines got you scratchin complexed
ima matchstick compress
Ak you lost ehhhhhh!!!
its a brush fire
call me a lush perspire
sweat out a verse that leaves you crushed expired
its over...ya finished
picture me in a scrimmage
i got my 3rd string flow dismantlin what you visioned
a victory...it must not be visually
dreamt you had it physically
woke up with some missing teeth
i black eyes and briskly walk over wack guys
you lapsed righ???
forgot that i could combat rhymes
mentally shatter ya backs spine
and fold ya cerebral
think about it son
im an oceans width preview
thats widespread
an epidemic bigger than birdshit sky threats
rate total ya loss Ak
im immortal you totally lost Ak
thats corny but still the truth
BlakBeard Mcqueen stick a blade this bitch is thru