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Topic subjectKing of the Ring V (Round 1)
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18843, King of the Ring V (Round 1)
Posted by MiracleRic, Fri Aug-11-06 01:16 PM
Alright folks...it's that time again...either a change of the guard or another defense of the crown...King of the Ring IV.

I'll host this tourney in the place of the former King Prolif who will face the winner in the final round.

The contestants and matchups of the first round are:

Ak-Reborn vs Blakbeard
PG vs Blaksilence
Bartek vs Hondro
Rajeniro757 vs Disorder_6
Willi-dudat vs Biohazard
Empro vs Razor_Ramon

Whateva has a bye in this round due to the odd number of contestants...I will warn u guys now...i may throw a few new twists and turns into this tourney so no complaints and may the best or possibly the luckiest man win.

Verses due Wednesday at 10pm aka 08/16/06...i want verses in my inbox...hollar at ur scholar