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Topic subjectKing of the Ring V (Round 1)
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18843, King of the Ring V (Round 1)
Posted by MiracleRic, Fri Aug-11-06 01:16 PM
Alright folks...it's that time again...either a change of the guard or another defense of the crown...King of the Ring IV.

I'll host this tourney in the place of the former King Prolif who will face the winner in the final round.

The contestants and matchups of the first round are:

Ak-Reborn vs Blakbeard
PG vs Blaksilence
Bartek vs Hondro
Rajeniro757 vs Disorder_6
Willi-dudat vs Biohazard
Empro vs Razor_Ramon

Whateva has a bye in this round due to the odd number of contestants...I will warn u guys now...i may throw a few new twists and turns into this tourney so no complaints and may the best or possibly the luckiest man win.

Verses due Wednesday at 10pm aka 08/16/06...i want verses in my inbox...hollar at ur scholar
18844, Ak-Reborn vs Blakbeard
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-10-06 10:57 PM

18845, RE: Ak-Reborn vs Blakbeard
Posted by ak_reborn, Fri Aug-11-06 05:51 PM
ey yo miracle,i thought i was up against you?
i already written my verse ,whats hapnin?
18846, RE: Ak-Reborn vs Blakbeard
Posted by MiracleRic, Fri Aug-18-06 07:56 AM

Yo Black,im back to back like your momma gettin tapped,
Ak pistol whippin,throw another clip in,
and extract the danger like a snake with no rhythm,
I kill em,with precision,but you aint worth the kill,
like your daddy's cum,all he had to do was spill,
for real,my terror plot will make your blood clot,
fall into shock and soon your heart stop,
and drop dead,at the scrapyard someones getting fed,
a whole lot of black beard blood and some bread,
you fucking bum sucking man with many faces,
peadophile type to touch kids in private places,
and face this,you been scarred by my lazers,
double barrel action for extra satisfaction,
my mind never eases,never fails to repeat this,
damage you inflict while you remain a fetus,
in this perfected form,i was born into my sage age,
known for wrecking domes when i unleash the rage,
was concealed in a cage,you sick minded necrophiliac,
equipped vasaline and dead girls is where he be at,
my ill attack,demonstrates my mental state,
i contemplate on killing cats with an earth quake,
for earths sake,someone take this kid out of vision,
this aint a battle,this is a catastrohpic collision,
or more likely to be blackbeards incision.


by the grace of god
you gettin skinned alive
bury you with a verse
that leaves jeezus blind
ima beast combined with a fettish for war
animalistic terror rap star carnivore
Ak Reborn....nah...you just arrived
i cant even stomach that crap in "family" ties"
plus you got no flow
i skip rocks off ya slow dome
"dowwwwwwnnn syyyyyyndroooome"
you been gone
i rip stones out of "Kids Needs"
you crippled boned and left with Rics speech (sorry fam...hahaha)
the lisp speaks!!!!
ya dig....i split ends of hares
remember the tortoise son
i been there...prepared
its a drag race to you
a marathon to me
i outrun cats pinpoint accuracy
the word strength venacular
seven times ya passenger
backseat talkin jabber jaw
stow and go ya stamina
thats over ya head
4 lines got you scratchin complexed
ima matchstick compress
Ak you lost ehhhhhh!!!
its a brush fire
call me a lush perspire
sweat out a verse that leaves you crushed expired
its over...ya finished
picture me in a scrimmage
i got my 3rd string flow dismantlin what you visioned
a victory...it must not be visually
dreamt you had it physically
woke up with some missing teeth
i black eyes and briskly walk over wack guys
you lapsed righ???
forgot that i could combat rhymes
mentally shatter ya backs spine
and fold ya cerebral
think about it son
im an oceans width preview
thats widespread
an epidemic bigger than birdshit sky threats
rate total ya loss Ak
im immortal you totally lost Ak
thats corny but still the truth
BlakBeard Mcqueen stick a blade this bitch is thru

18847, RE: Ak-Reborn vs Blakbeard
Posted by ak_reborn, Fri Aug-18-06 08:47 AM

Ehh...im sure you said theres a limit of 24?
18848, uhhhhhhhhhh.......hater in the house
Posted by BlakBeard, Fri Aug-18-06 02:27 PM
18849, RE:Whateva makes you feel special....
Posted by ak_reborn, Fri Aug-18-06 04:12 PM

All im sayin is rulez iz rulez,like one of em is no beefin outside of the post, so stop your internet call out shit,unless you mean it personal.
18850, quit it...
Posted by MiracleRic, Sat Aug-19-06 02:35 PM
ak...for someone who thinks they know the rules...u havent proven so...there is a thread for all comments...i am intentionally breaking this rule because i gave no limit to the number of bars...i hate complainers...verse length is at ya own discretion...short verses can come off weak, long ones can backfire...now back to the voting....under the voting thread
18851, RE: Thankz for the support.
Posted by ak_reborn, Sat Aug-19-06 04:05 PM
18852, PG vs Blaksilence
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-10-06 10:58 PM
Begin Battle
18853, RE: PG vs Blaksilence
Posted by PG, Wed Aug-23-06 02:32 PM
even late ya can't hate check mate retrobate ya met yo fate
Supreme Petrol Grade seize the mechanics of your existance and put the whole thing in retrograde
introspect then played intellect been slayed and in effect ten fade
to my one
ya can't hold candles to napalm no way saan to try to die done
know why you my son
hold silence till I done
like a jury tryna hang but you just hung

yo my bad... I dunno is blaksilence spat or not and I do know I'm mad late bet heres what i sent ric this morning.. respect.
18854, Bartek vs Hondro
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-10-06 10:59 PM
Left Hook...Right Jab...Nice swag...Start!
18855, i'm leaving for school now
Posted by Hondro, Sat Aug-12-06 01:14 PM
so i mush drop out of this ...sorrry
18856, got an associates in flowin spits
Posted by muddywaters, Sun Aug-13-06 06:51 AM
damn 'Ric! you going a little overboard with this twist and turns shit. first you switch up cats opponents. then you makin folks go back to school and shit. what's next? oh yeah, i volunteer to take the schoolboys place to keep this movin -
18857, Deleted message
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-10-06 11:00 PM
No message
18858, Deleted message
Posted by ak_reborn, Fri Aug-11-06 06:23 AM
No message
18859, Deleted message
Posted by PG, Fri Aug-11-06 11:46 AM
No message
18860, Deleted message
Posted by ak_reborn, Fri Aug-11-06 11:56 AM
No message
18861, Rajeniro757 vs Disorder_6
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-10-06 11:05 PM
Non-spitters need not apply...enter resumes here...its a competitive position available...Application Denied!
18862, RE: Rajeniro757 vs Disorder_6
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-17-06 12:42 PM


you bout to catch more L's then a game of tetris
a checklist , or louis vuitton necklace
this one post pussy is bout to be found neckless
disorder?, you must having a dying fetish
I relish the death of careless in my scenery
push your wig back like you're james gandolfini
beg miracleric or resurrect Houdini
you aint seeing me,like Monique in a bikini
fuck up more emcees then def jam routinely
I catch more bodies then a gymnastic team B
the arm and hammer will leave you clean free
take the six in your name you be facing the sistine
get the picture? out the frame with a hot sixteen
why you holding a mic like mean gene
catching all my spit in your face like oil sheen
forget your dream grab a mop and got to work
couldn't get a clap if you were rapping in a church
next time you try to battle do some research
cause i beat alias lames to they fucking teeth hurt

disorder 6

one rhyme with me you pay your dues in the game
in one day, i'll give you fame n put a end to ya name
I'll make it quick and ease the pain, one hock slain dun
cause no competition gives me nothin to gain from
we one in the same sun but far on the spectrum
my dialects will wreck the necks of rookies and vets, son
you NEXT'd, DONE! bitch go bring out the next victim
have Fez stomp you out brought Yo Momma to help him
brush you off roll a dutch say dude come hit this
then chop ya head off with a lyrical wig split
so mind the sickness, this misfit rips it
im schitzo, thought i heard ya mans say, “diss him!”
I LISTEN- speak evil, and see evil,
reinterpret the senses into disorders, so lethal
out of order, on the edge with nothin to hang on
Dip. Immunity cause my state of mind: -PLANE- GONE
you on the right side its the right side of win/loss
I been flossin might while ya mic shoulda been lost
and DEF chasing G's like my ABC's
have the ref count ya losses like its "1, 2, 3"
n give ya the smack, that'll slide ya steps back
so smooth mike jackson sues for mic jackin acts
this aint rags 2 riches aint no zero 2 hero,
I-make-rajeniros-redden the-rio-de-janeiro!!
18863, RE: Rajeniro757 vs Disorder_6
Posted by Biohazard, Fri Aug-18-06 09:50 PM
18864, Willi-dudat vs Biohazard
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-10-06 11:05 PM
Get em!
18865, RE: Willi-dudat vs Biohazard
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-17-06 12:35 PM

Ayo, shouldn't this nigga be somewhere bustin pimples,
"Oh look how much he's growin" Granny pinchin on his dimples;
Im sayin, I aint know you could be 16 for years tho,
Nigga screamin that shit since Reginald was a 'Winslow':
No MATTERS tho, I slaughter ya FAMILY with the flow,
Out-rap you and ya ghost from the wall to the windoooooooow!!!(;)
So round up ya kinfolk, meet me on da set of FULL HOUSE,
so I can air you out on that ugly ass couch:
Or I'd really meet on ya level down on Sesame Street,
In front'a ya puppet buddies, leave ya face crumpled and ugly;
regardless of the setting or backdrop you'd get done in,
you Fred Berry rappin, ya verses is re-runnin':
while Im exceedingly cunnin, consistently keep em comin',
Im up battin' a thousand you averagin nothin buntin;
Im a star, for some reason Ric thought you were my equal,
you dead the first scene, Im preparin for the sequel:


Willi_dudat, cats be like "Where dude at?"/
He's in the bathroom nursin' his blue black bruised back/
Fuckin' new jack, I'm sick of all this novice shit/
My rhymes burn like white phosphorous, spit 'til you use lose consciousness/
Leave you without confidence, postureless like I removed your spine/
With ruthless lines, tearin' through your wackass pseudo-rhymes/
I'm too sublime, brutalize your crude-designed cadence/
Mastermind, your raps is like the food out my anus/
Either a painless death, lethal ejection out the tournament/
Or I burn this bitch, left to fester in the furnaces/
Cursed to spit wack shit, you're another pawn doin' backflips/
A single verse in my repertoire murder every song in your tracklist/
Bombin' your ass quick, track your movements via sattelite/
Hear this fool 'wail' as I 'Free Willi' from his natural life/
Your speed is cattle-like, punkin' this kid for his milk money/
Recyclin' played out punches, thinkin' that they're still funny/
Get killed, dunny, you'd best enjoy your last day/
Slice through your masquerade, burnt out like an ashtray/
This cat stay on the John, son, like his name was really Elton/
Dixie Chick, a prissy hick, just call him Willi Nelson/

18866, RE: Willi-dudat vs Biohazard
Posted by ak_reborn, Thu Aug-17-06 05:47 PM
Real tight,but ima have to go with Bio,was slightly more convincin.
18867, Empro vs Razor_Ramon
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-10-06 11:06 PM
Alias anyone?
18868, Votes
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-10-06 11:07 PM
Votes will go under here...let's keep the post clean
18869, RE: Votes
Posted by Biohazard, Sat Aug-19-06 10:20 PM
ak vs. blakbeard - ak
raj vs. disorder6 - raj
18870, RE: Votes
Posted by MiracleRic, Sat Aug-19-06 11:59 PM
18871, RE: Votes
Posted by disorder 6, Mon Aug-21-06 02:05 AM
18872, Votes..............
Posted by KnowOne, Mon Aug-21-06 09:02 AM
ak vs. blakbeard - BlakBeard

raj vs. disorder6 - Rajeniro

Willi-Dudat vs. Biohazard - Biohazard
18873, RE: Votes..............
Posted by empro, Mon Aug-21-06 05:03 PM
1. blak
2. raj
3. bio
18874, my votes
Posted by Rajeniro757, Mon Aug-21-06 08:59 PM

and Obama in 2012
18875, RE: Votes
Posted by Zin, Tue Aug-22-06 04:01 PM
18876, Votes
Posted by muddywaters, Wed Aug-23-06 01:49 AM
18877, RE: Votes
Posted by ak_reborn, Wed Aug-23-06 06:08 AM

18878, RE: Votes
Posted by willi_dudat, Wed Aug-23-06 08:38 PM
ak v. blakbeard- ak

raj v. disorder- raj

over and out
18879, Comment, Shit-Talk, Poli for Votes...
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-10-06 11:09 PM
and all that...keep the shit-talking minimal but heated
18880, RE: Comment, Shit-Talk, Poli for Votes...
Posted by PG, Fri Aug-11-06 02:42 PM
I already got ak's verse though??????

18881, RE: Comment, Shit-Talk, Poli for Votes...
Posted by ak_reborn, Fri Aug-11-06 05:54 PM
yea, words are already directed,and like words were like u know specifically directed at the name i was given,so ehh help me out here.
18882, sorry folks..there was an unexpected turn of events...
Posted by MiracleRic, Fri Aug-11-06 10:31 PM
with certain applicants and so things are going to be done slightly different...all i can say is...u still got plenty of time to write a new verse and if i were u id save the verse u already wrote...u may meet up with that person later...sorry folks
18883, RE: sorry folks..there was an unexpected turn of events...
Posted by ak_reborn, Sat Aug-12-06 07:14 AM
How is dat if u aint inda tourney?
18884, things that make you go hmmmmm...
Posted by KnowOne, Sun Aug-13-06 02:34 AM
>How is dat if u aint inda tourney?

key word..."unexpected"..
18885, RE: LOL
Posted by ak_reborn, Sun Aug-13-06 06:49 PM
18886, *crickets*
Posted by KnowOne, Wed Aug-16-06 12:54 PM
hope ya'll gettin' them verses in.......
18887, RE: well...
Posted by ak_reborn, Wed Aug-16-06 04:44 PM

I done mine the day i found my opponent changed.
18888, yo ric...
Posted by willi_dudat, Wed Aug-16-06 08:59 PM
whats good fam, how come we ain't jumpin off properly??? not cool dude...

over and out
18889, alright folks...due to a number of no-shows
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Aug-17-06 12:46 PM
vote on the current battles...

im going to add the verses for opponents of the no shows because all no shows are going into a losers bracket for the next round...which may end up being whoever doesnt no show becomes the winner of the loser's bracket...however, in the spirit of keeping it moving...if any contestants want to jump in...i'll throw u into the fray next round just to keep things interesting...

any questions or suggestions...hit the inbox and get to voting...if any noshows send me their verse by 2morrow i will post em...peace
18890, RE: So....
Posted by ak_reborn, Thu Aug-17-06 08:24 PM
Did blakbeard send his verse in or what?
help me out here...lol
18891, my flows in
Posted by empro, Wed Aug-16-06 11:30 PM
18892, RE: yea man, whys shit takin so long
Posted by ak_reborn, Thu Aug-17-06 07:13 AM
18893, Voting ends Wednesday at 8pm
Posted by MiracleRic, Mon Aug-21-06 01:45 PM
The 2nd round will be set up and the due date for those verses are monday by 8pm...There is gonna be a loser's bracket where all no-shows, losers, and any late sign-ups will post one verse and the top 4 will get a 2nd chance to advance...the first twist of this tourney...these 4 will only face each other until only 1 remains in which they will be into one of the semi-final rounds...good luck and keep voting yall