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Topic subjectKeep On
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18814, Keep On
Posted by blak_yukon, Mon Jul-03-06 02:11 AM

nigga i love my life
its mine to do with
move at a pace that of how the shoe fits
and how i'm wearing them
never carin'whatcha say
i'm one of many of God's gifts
not a corner yet
gotta handle on this artist
bout 42 away from good credit
by 42 i'm better than good credit
think back when bad bitches only knew'em as nice
all things to all of yall but couldnt cover the price
could laugh at that now
rice,beans, fish on the side of the plate
wipe lips like that my shit
gone with the hate
contact kept with those thats unseen
but still comrads
soon their seeds asking me about their dads
for now
higher levels the soul rebel while below your sonar
plot, scheme to raise stakes from possibilities
and quite possibly
i'm at the pique of my charge
go hard, so help me God
keep me goin'as i keep...keep...keep.keep

for my college educated
getting less than what a degree promised
struggle to keep it honest
but still you got big dreams
with bills that seem to get bigger
block niggas from the light of some hope
got good people
they rally around you to cope
in you they see the better you
so to grow is on strength of the crew
always dug deep in the dirt to gain ground
cept we do it with less of a chipped shoulder now
gotta goal work whats around you to get it
cuttin'what seem like forever to minutes
and for those who maybe on a humble
hear of your whereabouts
thats by design
you know what they about
their whole style (hoe style)
throw shade on the sly
fuck'em you dont need'em
smart dudes who aint pass the bar
still keep a roof over the head
something to eat,gas in the car,
you still a star,baby
remember that

tuesday afternoon
off from the grizzy
see me sofa bound sittin'off
might clean up this place
fuck else is there to do anyway
broke till thursday anyway
but i
get to thinking how i'm still here to change shit
they wasnt lyin'when they said life what you make it
its slow
but movin'none the less
belief conquers over stress
on top of things brings results
the phone rings
s'my nigga shem
we build on the rigors of life
ownership, gettin'a wife
fact is even in stand still all around things are changin'
unseen, unstoppable like prophecy
niggas is spittin,still perfectin'their artistry
to the last artery
gotta be this way (why)
what more do i have to say
keep on movin'dont stop no...

<--get grown,bus!--

me and the fellas would converge and heat up some Hot Pockets in preparation for Rap City. Roc

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