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Topic subjectThanx for the look yall!
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18619, Thanx for the look yall!
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Fri May-19-06 06:04 PM
This indeed has been fun. It truly has. And I've found alot about myself in how I wanna deliver to the masses what I write down. And in the end, that is what this forum should be about. imo Helping each other along. And I appreciate all the feedback, positive or critical. Cuz the worst thing is, when people say nothing. I hope Hunter does this again next year. I know he's reading. I see you. lol Prolif man, you already know. What's up with my beats tho? lol Blak, you too already know. What I liked best is everybody who participated came with their heart. And can't nobody tell you you're not an artist when you come from your heart. Word. *steps off of soapbox*