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Topic subjectaight.aight...i heard'em...
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18616, aight.aight...i heard'em...
Posted by blak_yukon, Wed May-17-06 09:14 PM
Sha: Lyrics for days…but since this about HOW the lyrics are presented. You have as someone else stated; that RZA style. It was choppy with the beat and with too few change ups to your flow.

Lif: Sounding more polished, the “swagger” aspect gave this tune the edge. It was easier on the ears, Lif…you know what you can do w/your voice.

Vote: Lif

You guys are part of the “Talented Tenth” around here, this soundclash was for the most part celebrating what it is we do. Lif, you building a nice little Freestyle Board resume. King of the Ring, this tourney…I take it this is more than a hobby for you,huh?

Congrats to both…

<--get grown,bus!--

me and the fellas would converge and heat up some Hot Pockets in preparation for Rap City.© Roc

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