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Topic subjectRE: hdub Invitational Final: Shakeet Lohk Em vs Prolif
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18613, RE: hdub Invitational Final: Shakeet Lohk Em vs Prolif
Posted by sikstyle, Mon May-15-06 07:55 PM
vote: prolif

prolif: liked the beat a lot. the snaps in the background had me laughing for some reason. you seemed really comfortable on this track, the sound quality was good, and everything mixed together very well, which is what gave you the edge in my opinion.

shakeet: i liked the track a lot, especially how it transitions into the second verse. lyrics were cool, only thing that threw me off a bit was that the flow seemed a bit choppy to me, maybe like it was being read. thats pretty much the only reason i had to not call this a tie.

good stuff