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18610, Well ...
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Fri May-12-06 11:33 AM
Everytime that hdub has posted the weekly tournament thread -- we had a whole week to peek -- listen -- & respond with our final votes -- (A full 7 days)

This thread was posted "Tue May-09-06 10:49 PM" -- Not quite a full three days ago.

Come on now sis -- Give folks a chance to do whatever they need to do -- And then to decide between the two.

I don't know if voting is even an issue now -- But listening and coming up with verbage that compliments or fairly critiques the (((AUDIOS))) sometimes take time -- Especially with these two dynamic dudes.

Folks might just wanna say summthin' else besides: "This was tight/nice/dope! -- My vote: _ _ _ _ _ _ *Whoever*"

I'll be jumpin' on the bandwagon this weekend with my vote & comments -- Hopefully others will be also.