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Topic subjectRE: hdub Invitational Final: Shakeet Lohk Em vs Prolif
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18609, RE: hdub Invitational Final: Shakeet Lohk Em vs Prolif
Posted by the_best_part, Fri May-12-06 07:35 AM
i am caught off guard, suprised, blown away even, by the lack of comments in this thread. also suprised by the negative comments. but its a matter of opinion, right? i thought both of these songs were hot. both songs a good representation of why these cats are in the final.

something has changed the energy of this board, in general. not just in this tournement. i am more and more becoming discouraged to post and reply, participate, etc. maybe its just me, maybe others feel/notice it too. -shrugs-

anyway, lif and sha, nice tracks y'all. and thanks for takin the time and energy to produce.