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Topic subjectRE: hdub Invitational Final: Shakeet Lohk Em vs Prolif
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18604, RE: hdub Invitational Final: Shakeet Lohk Em vs Prolif
Posted by Auriz Deep, Wed May-10-06 07:26 PM
I give this one to Lif...

Not by a lot tho. I juss felt that his flow on this one was more... smooth. It wasn't more complex or more simple, but it wasn't as rough as Sha's...

And I dug the whole track a lil more. The only thing I didn't like was the hook, and the beat was a lil weak (I don't mean bad... but It didn't have a edge to it), but otherwise I felt it was better. More the MC's type I guess... cuz Sha was, as always, crazy lyrical... But lyrics aren't what hook me. If the voice and cadence keep me, THEN I'll listen to what you're sayin...

(Didn't like the way that came out... Cuz Shakeet had me listenin as well... But I didn't feel it the way I felt Lif's)