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18603, Back Again ...
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Sat May-13-06 12:18 PM
First of all -- PROPS to "the_best_part" for picking ^UP^ the ball and running with it the final round -- :)

I know hdub has a lot on his plate *personally* -- on the other side of his computer screen -- So waitin' around for folks to come thru was not on his agenda at this particular time -- ~Timing Is Of The Essence~

When things are done in a timely manner -- As scheduled -- Everything "clicks" like clockwork, and there ain't no problems.

But when the balance is thrown off -- And there's "no" communication as to why -- Then the ball can get dropped. So again, THANKS to "the_best_part" for finalizing this venue and bringing it to fruition

And thanx to hdub 4 creating this "Invitational (((AUDIO))) Tournament" venue in the first place. -- It caused heads to "S T R E T C H" beyond their comfort zones and show us what they could do when they put their minds, hearts & skills to it.


Aaaiiight --

This final round was hard as hell to judge -- And at first I was just gonna say: Fuck it! -- "TIE" -- *Case Closed* -- Because I truly loved both AUDIOS, but for different reasons -- And I didn't wanna pick one over the other -- *sigh*

I had to listen to Sha's joint at a friends crib, cuz my comp don't like Myspace audios, so it interrupts intermittently with buffering---CONSTANTLY -- Thru~out! -- *grrrrrr* -- (And Myspace is "BLOCKED" at my job)

I was immediately drawn in to the "Pied Piper" aspect of Sha's verses. -- (I'd follow that man anywhere as long as he flowed fa' me daily -- :P)

The thing I've noticed about most of Sha's flowz is -- They're usually based on experience -- (They're real) -- And there ain't much "Filler" -- He accounts for every word with skill and prolifics -- So his flows ALWAYS have "Substance" -- Meaty/Tasty substance that you can sink your teeth into! -- :9

And that's not just with his "Written Word" -- Cuz his (((AUDIOS))) are equally as delicious -- As noted on ^This^ thread.

His voice --
His flow~stream -- cadence -- & delivery
And the whole overall AUDIO was exceptionally tight -- *No Doubt*

There were no gimmicks -- Just voice~box to music -- And it worked perfectly!

I ain't sayin' there ain't room 4 improvement -- We can ALL get better with regular practice -- (and extra spit & polish) -- But the whole package he presented HERE was Awesome! -- And I think this is the "best" Audio I've heard from him!


Prolifics joint had me bouncin', noddin', tappin', smilin' -- (You would've thought I was havin' a slight seizure if you'd a' seen me) -- :P

I'd play his joint in my whip -- cruizin' down the boulevard -- LOUD AS HELL!!! -- *Rigorous Rotation*

There ain't no doubt he has his shit 2~gether with Audios -- (Combination voice, music, cadence, lyrics, flow -- ALLADAT!)

And it sounded to me like he had "fun" makin' ^that^ Audio -- Which is important to me -- Cuz that's what I do with "my" lil' audios -- I HAVE FUN!

Lif mos' def' has lyrical skills, and he flexxxed them abundantly in this tournament -- (Particularly on ^this^ joint) -- I was hella impressed -- *No Doubt*


As far as the voting is concerned -- My vote goes to Shakeet!

Luv'd them both -- *dearly* -- But I liked sinking my teeth into Keets tender T~Bone Steak -- Although Prolif's jalapeno/bacon cheeseburger was quite appetizing -- :P

(((Skeetin' Wit Keet))) -- :9