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Topic subjectRE: The 3rd verse is where I felt it the most...
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18327, RE: The 3rd verse is where I felt it the most...
Posted by willi_dudat, Thu Mar-16-06 10:04 AM
>As far as production is concerned.. I can hear what you are
>trying to do with the drums, but it's not working as well as
>you want it to. The drums don't compliment eachother and
>sometimes you lose the beat. It's a great idea, I have
>attempted it before, and it just needs a bit more practice but
>you'll get it. Did you EQ every drum the same or did you EQ
>them seperately? I think they need to be more cohesive and
>more on the beat. The way I do it is by programming a drum
>pattern with one kit, and using another kit to substitute some
>of the kicks, hats, or snares, as apposed to trying to lay a
>different rhythm. From this point, I get more experimental as
>you do all over this track. Finally, I pick drums which sound
>good together.. a hard clap, a softer clap. A hard kick, a
>softer kick. Good job, I really dig the lyrics and you really
>got on point on the last verse, that's a great way to leave a
>track. Peace

post 15 explains the progression of the track being made... yeah, im strivin for that somethin else, y'know... i think imma find it too...

for the most part this was done on my 202 and transferred onto my laptop... i know i need plenty work on mixing, esp on vocals...

PSA: im workin on it y'all, bear with me... LOL...

but yeah, thanks for peepin...