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Topic subjectThe 3rd verse is where I felt it the most...
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18326, The 3rd verse is where I felt it the most...
Posted by BarTek, Mon Mar-13-06 03:33 PM
As far as production is concerned.. I can hear what you are trying to do with the drums, but it's not working as well as you want it to. The drums don't compliment eachother and sometimes you lose the beat. It's a great idea, I have attempted it before, and it just needs a bit more practice but you'll get it. Did you EQ every drum the same or did you EQ them seperately? I think they need to be more cohesive and more on the beat. The way I do it is by programming a drum pattern with one kit, and using another kit to substitute some of the kicks, hats, or snares, as apposed to trying to lay a different rhythm. From this point, I get more experimental as you do all over this track. Finally, I pick drums which sound good together.. a hard clap, a softer clap. A hard kick, a softer kick. Good job, I really dig the lyrics and you really got on point on the last verse, that's a great way to leave a track. Peace


He looks determined without being ruthless
Something heroic in this man, there's a courage about him
Doesn't look like a killer
Comes across so calm, acts like he has a dream
Full of passion