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Topic subjectRE: 'dub Invitational Week Five: willi_dudat vs. Ezzsential....
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18320, RE: 'dub Invitational Week Five: willi_dudat vs. Ezzsential....
Posted by willi_dudat, Thu Mar-16-06 10:00 AM
>beat was different, I mean that in a good way, felt it.
>lyrics were tight too, you had something to say, and you said
>it, I felt the last verse the most. good shit. for
>constructive crit, imo: I think more sharpness might work
>better in some parts, depending on what your talkin about. to
>me it just sounded like you kept the same tone for most of it.
> sucks about the DQ, but at least this was still entertaining,
>props homey

yeah, this was my lab rat for a while... it was just an experiment i first did on my ol' ass dr-202 (which i still own and use)... it took two years to get the point its at... not like i worked endlessly on it... most of the lyrics were originally written two years ago, but i did a lil editin (ie the third verse was half and half--old and new)...

thanks for checkin it out... and i'll def work on being more variant in tone, even when i am tryin to convey a message...