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Topic subjectmy bad...
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18318, my bad...
Posted by hdub, Sat Mar-11-06 01:45 PM
...i was wondering why that was so short

im piggybacking on my neighbors wireless here so sometimes it only half loads stuff

here is the whole thing:


(i know i got'chall wonderin/thinkin) i wonder what this one's gon be about (rpt)....well if you open up ya ears and ya close ya mouf,
i'mma tell ya what its all about...check!!!

so i aint moved enough units to brag like jay z,
cant do it like busta, that dude just crazy;
guess if you aint from the north then its tough to succeed,
and so i wonder where that places me: a ripe
product of this hip hop tree,
looks like i gotta be the one that fell a good ways from it,
cause i'm different doggummit,
and i'm also pretty thin so just imagine my patience,
when guys is puffin out the chest like cant be deflated:
brag about this and that like they cant be faded,
hope i get on and drop some bombs and leave them suckas berated;
tawkin nuff nonsense like they been thru perdition,
i knock they chin up and they curl up into fetal position:
but im not puttin this out to be a cry for battle,
i just wanted to give you somethin to leave ya cages rattled;
bring you up outta slumber, a wake up call if you will,
cause some'a y'all could use a little time honnin ya skill:

(hook)-cause its getting a little ridiculous,
these guys get put on and dont take it serious,
these useless line reciters, spittin they bullchatter,
rhymin on about the same ol subject matter,
and im forced to sit and watched while they pockets get fatter,
its a cryin shame, man the think its a game,
we dish it out fresh them other guys is bunk,
we bout to knock em all out they creative slump:

(i guess) i dont tote enuff guns to roll wit g-unit,
rather get wit bun-b make a hit, then screw it;
some dudes be tryin'a rag me bout the way that i flow,
thinkin cause im from the south that everything should be slow:
tryin'a put me in a box and control my fate,
but imma keep them haters hatin everything i create;
i cant say there's watchers watchin every move that i make,
cause honestly i dont believe i even have a fan base:
thats ok, it'll all come together some day,
but in the meantime i aint just go sit here and wait;
while hustler rap about hustlin whatever makes em a dollar,
whatever happened to workin? i gotta faded blue collar:
dont claim to be a scholar neither book nor street smart,
but some claimin knowledge bout as sharp as a sweet tart;
some in the game, some ride the bench, the underground scrimmage,
i'll just chill til some'a these wack niggas finish:



(yeah, thanks for checkin out what i do, but i cant leave y'all hangin... i gotta give you more... more fire!!! oh!!!)

yeah the stories are all similar we've all had it rough,
back when you'd get beat up, if you aint tough enough;
or couldn't keep ya mouf shut, or there's some chillen' thats willin to part wit a few bucks,
for the last standin up:
thats that nostalgic lyric tawkin bout back in the days,
all the devious things you did and all the daring escapes;
well thats enuff goin back im comin back to the current,
where all this rap sounds alike, i truly wish that they weren't:
usin the same producers, producers usin the same scheme as the next man to put a hundred grand in his hand,
and radio plays it all the way to japan,
or some country where most folks cant even understand:
i bet its true and im not even a gamblin man,
got the whole world sold on a barcode scan;
but i dont fret cause no one can rock it like i can,
"i'll take a muscle bound man and put his face in the sand":
to quote 'todd smith', i make em vomit when i drop it,
linguistic poisonin they beggin for me to stop it;
push haters off me like the strongest off in a mosh pit,
with flow so cold i'll leave the microphone frostbit:
you harmless and compared to du, you garbage,
switch the beat to 'house' and i'll 'blast the roof off it';
wont quit til im lifeless in a coffin,
endin niggas careers before they even get started:
leave em jobless, when i speak they nod to it,
and the beat willi dudat? yeah, i saw him do it;
he's nothin to screw wit, no homo, ya promo,
make a&rs say oh no! creative slump! no go!!: