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Topic subjectRE: my bad for not voting...
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18316, RE: my bad for not voting...
Posted by hdub, Mon Mar-13-06 11:15 PM
>..been tied up

yeah you were one of those folks where i was wondering why you hadnt showed up on this yet. that's why i threatened to go all autocratic i figured it would draw at least somebody out. so that's settled, sha wins it. by far the best battle i've seen in a long long time. shit, maybe ever. like lif said part of me wants to give a win both guys but in this type of tournament that just wouldn't work. still congrats to you both for putting on a show and nile thanks for participating

so with that settled here's the rest of the schedule so far:

WEEK SIX Friday 3/17:

Miracleric vs. Prolif

********ROUND TWO********

WEEK SEVEN Friday 3/24

Zin vs. Shakeet Lohk Em

WEEK EIGHT Friday 3/31

willi_dudat vs. blak_yukon

WEEK NINE Friday 4/7

hdub vs. ((the winner of Miracleric vs. Prolif))


some hot stuff comign up if i do say so myself