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Topic subjectmy bad for not voting...
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18315, my bad for not voting...
Posted by Prolif, Mon Mar-13-06 09:34 AM
..been tied up

ok, so at first i heard Sha's and was pleased. The flow was off a tad bit in some places. A couple of voice overs or doubles would have fixed that. The content (as most have mentioned) was definitely on point. I'm not a fan of re-using beats however, although it worked well for you.

so i was so frustrated with trying to get Nile's joint to play that i was like, "yo, this betta be good b/c i'm wasting way too much time trying to listen to this crap!" Turns out that it was worth the wait. Although some of the other tracks were better than the one u chose for the competition, the production, cadence, and mic presence were all very good. I can tell you feel comfortable in the booth. I think the "somen' somen' somen' somen' bout a thug" line got me...ill

this was really close...overall Sha had the lyrics and Nile had the flow. it's like, i wanna sit the youth down and play Sha's joint and say, "listen to this boy!" and then i wanna let them hear Nile's joint and say, "now this is a flow young'n"...i think it's a tie and they should go again, but since ties aint really liked that much around here, i'll give it to.......


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"look! i DON'T tell the beat what to do....the beat is like my brother...i gotta listen and relate to him" -- raekwon