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Topic subject'dub Invitational Week Five: willi_dudat vs. Ezzsential....
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18313, 'dub Invitational Week Five: willi_dudat vs. Ezzsential....
Posted by hdub, Sat Mar-11-06 02:21 AM
After a long night on I-95 I've finally made it home only to find this tournament in shambles. As of right now we've got a 4-4 tie for Shakeet vs. Nile and a DQ for this week. I got a verse from willi but nothing from Ezzsential. I got to say Ezz, this is whack as hell--- why do you always agree to sign up for tourneys and then send nothing in?? I get psyched to see what you're gonna do and then you just don't show. You know I got nothing but respect for ya but this shit is just ridiculous.

Anyways here's what we're going to do to make the best of this situation. As of now Sha vs. Nile is in sudden death mode. The first vote that I get in here will decide the winner of that match. If nobody steps in and speaks their mind by next Friday at 8pm when I got to post the next round then I'm just going to have to go with my vote and give Nile the win. I know nobody wants that-- including myself so come on I know we got a few folks listening who haven't weighed in yet. I know this is a real tough decision to make and both these guys put on quite a show but there's can be only one winner in an event like this so speak now or forever hold your goddang opinion.

As far as this week's battle goes willi's advancing. I know there's nothing to vote on, but it's not his fault so please try and give him feedback. I know from my own experience in week 3 that it sucks to put in the work on an audio and not get any response 'cause the other person DQ'd. So here's willi's verse and link:



(i know i got'chall wonderin/thinkin) i wonder what this one's gon be about (rpt)....well if you open up ya ears and ya close ya mouf,
i'mma tell ya what its all about...check!!!

so i aint moved enough units to brag like jay z,
cant do it like busta, that dude just crazy;
guess if you aint from the north then its tough to succeed,
and so i wonder where that places me: a ripe
product of this hip hop tree,
looks like i gotta be the one that fell a good ways from it,
cause i'm different doggummit,
and i'm also pretty thin so just imagine my patience,
when guys is puffin out the chest like cant be deflated:
brag about this and that like they cant be faded,
hope i get on and drop some bombs and leave them suckas berated;
tawkin nuff nonsense like they been thru perdition,
i knock they chin up and they curl up into fetal position:
but im not puttin this out to be a cry for battle,

and here's the schedule for the last week of this first round and what we've got so far for round 2. there's been a lot of great stuff in this thing especially last week's battle. I'm real dissappointed with this week's showing but I know I'm hyped as hell to see lif and ric throw down next friday

WEEK SIX Friday 3/17:

Miracleric vs. Prolif

********ROUND TWO********

WEEK SEVEN Friday 3/24

Zin vs. ((the winner of Shakeet Lohk Em vs. Nile))

WEEK EIGHT Friday 3/31

willi_dudat vs. blak_yukon

WEEK NINE Friday 4/7

hdub vs. ((the winner of Miracleric vs. Prolif))